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139/365 – Time to…

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Well first of all, wow, thanks for the overwhelming response regarding yesterday’s blog – I appreciate all the comments and I still have quite a few to reply to. Anyway, I’ve decided that I will continue to blog on a pretty regular basis about whatever floats my boat because I like doing it… And on the days when I have nothing to say, I just won’t post.  It’s not rocket science now, is it? :o)

In other news, I’ve started packing up my classroom… it’s that time. I mean, according to the administrators they would say no, it’s not time but… well, I live in a 3rd floor apartment and taking everything home (and up those stairs!) on the two work days after school is out is just impossible. Especially considering that I’ve apparently alienated the two men in my life that used to help me carry things up. :p

Anyway, I’m pretty discreet about it… I just slowly start putting in boxes the things that the kids aren’t using… and take home a box a day. Meanwhile, a different kindergarten teacher walked to her car today with 7 of her students, each of them (and her) carrying a box! If I tried that, I would have gotten caught and in trouble, lol!

And in completely random news, I was talking to my mom and was mentioning new movies coming out (that “Julie & Julia” one, to be specific) and she had the idea that she would like us to maybe take cooking classes when I move to Houston. Just one night a week… I think it’s a nice idea! Especially considering how I completely *fail* at cooking. Sweet.  Unless it’s all asparagus souffles, like she’s thinking… that’s so NOT my idea of yummyness!


138/365 – my addiction

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I haven’t figured out still what I’m doing with this blog and I’ve had it nearly for a month. I wasn’t going to post anything tonight but then I thought that maybe I should keep blogging my project 365 pictures… because I think that’s what half of this blog is about. The other half is split between teaching observations and the randomness that is me. Thrilling. No wonder I get such few views/comments!

So I don’t know.  It’d be nice on one hand to have my 365 pics as a blog to look back on, but on the other hand, it might end up boring.  Is it better to leave it blank or at least post with a pic, to keep up my picture blogging?   Anyway, for now I’m just leaving this up until I can figure it out… if you’d like to weigh in, feel free.

Oh and in the meantime, keep this in mind: if you are ever trying to come up with something to get me as a present, Starbucks gift cards ALWAYS work. I’m just saying. For future reference. You know. :p

One more thing… on my flickr page, I asked people to leave suggestions for drinks that they like from Starbucks.  Would love it if you would leave suggestions here or there… I’m always looking for a break from the usual (which is lately a caramel frapp).

I love flowers. They’re so pretty… hard to photograph when the wind is blowing (as it usually is), but still… it’s rewarding when you can get a good shot. And these flowers are lined up outside my school so I thought they’d make a good photograph. Unfortunately the last time I decided to try to take a picture of them, they grass had just been mowed and the flowers were gone. When I saw them pop up again this week, I knew I had to try to take a picture of them before they were gone again!

I messed with the colors too much on this one and it’s bothering me… but not enough to try to figure out how to fix it. The front flower was way overexposed and almost white (they are a soft pale pink in real life) and when I tried to adjust the colors.. well, let’s just say it did not go well. I almost like how it came out though… the colors are richer than real life.

I was debating on taking a different kind of picture for today, but when I crouched down to take a picture of the flowers, along the side of the street, in a skirt and thus got *honked at*, I knew I had to use this for my picture today!

In other news… I still haven’t figured out a better name for this blog so for now I’m sticking with curiousillusion. How thrilling.

Oh and btw… I’m so excited that tomorrow is May! 5 more weeks, 25 more days of classes… and then it’s summer!!

113/365 – Smile!

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[Picture from a week ago, but I think a picture with a blog post makes the post that much sweeter.]

My blog is currently having an identity crisis… I’m all sorts of torn about it. I had an idea that perhaps the *title* of the blog should have some sort of reference to the name curiousillusion, as that’s how I’m pretty much known across the web. And then I figured I’d have the tagline Confessions of the Confused [and Confusing] underneath the title. But as soon as I changed my theme to a brightly colored version, the tagline disappeared. Plus I don’t want the title of the blog to JUST be curiousillusion… I need to think on this some more.  If you have suggestions, feel free to send them my way!  I’m having a creative lapse…

Meanwhile, I’ve realized at how BAD I am at reading blogs. I mean, I read blogs… every day, thanks to Google Reader. However, I never take the time to make a comment. Well, no more! I vow to be better at leaving comments on my friend’s blogs… it’s the kind thing to do. So, uh… feel free to leave a comment on my blog too, if you feel like being kind!

P.S. I’ve added some blogs to my bloglist, if I’ve forgotten you and you would like to be added, just drop me a line!

Okay I have a blog now.  Yay?  I came up with the tagline somehow today and decided I ought to register it… not that it’s good or anything, but whatev.  Now I just need a title… suggestions?

Let’s see… what is this blog for?  Well, probably as  a way to detail my teaching escapades/observations… I’ll post some pictures from time to time, just for fun… other than that, I have no idea.

Fascinating, eh?


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