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136/365 – playing

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I’m such a girl… even though I deny liking shopping, I think I have to admit that I really do love it. Maybe it’s more like, I prefer shopping on my own… whenever I shop with others, I’m forced to go at their speed, dawdle and wait. I’m more of a whirlwind, in and out, I know what I like, I try it on, and then I’m on to the next thing.

My latest shopping loves are shoes and dressy/casual shirts. I say dressy/casual because I like finding clothes I can wear at work AND on the weekends. And shoes because… well I think I may have been watching too much Sex and the City – I love the heels the girls wear and I wish I could afford them. Not even the expensive shoes, but just the different colors and styles… heels make me feel more grownup or something silly.

Too bad I can’t ever seem to last more than an hour wearing them, especially in my profession. I’m determined though, starting now I’m going to try to wear heels more often. As my blog is my witness… lol! Wish me luck?

Oh and btw, sorry I didn’t get to follow up on the suggestions from yesterday. The weather made sure that any outdoor activities were postponed/canceled. Maybe tomorrow if I get a chance…

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