Still waiting for the coffee to kick in…

Posted on: May 18, 2009

138/365 – my addiction

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I haven’t figured out still what I’m doing with this blog and I’ve had it nearly for a month. I wasn’t going to post anything tonight but then I thought that maybe I should keep blogging my project 365 pictures… because I think that’s what half of this blog is about. The other half is split between teaching observations and the randomness that is me. Thrilling. No wonder I get such few views/comments!

So I don’t know.  It’d be nice on one hand to have my 365 pics as a blog to look back on, but on the other hand, it might end up boring.  Is it better to leave it blank or at least post with a pic, to keep up my picture blogging?   Anyway, for now I’m just leaving this up until I can figure it out… if you’d like to weigh in, feel free.

Oh and in the meantime, keep this in mind: if you are ever trying to come up with something to get me as a present, Starbucks gift cards ALWAYS work. I’m just saying. For future reference. You know. :p

One more thing… on my flickr page, I asked people to leave suggestions for drinks that they like from Starbucks.  Would love it if you would leave suggestions here or there… I’m always looking for a break from the usual (which is lately a caramel frapp).


32 Responses to "Still waiting for the coffee to kick in…"

Double chocolate chip blended cream. Pumpkin spice lattes. Peppermint mocha. Passion tea lemonade (get this with two pumps of raspberry and no classic – it’s plenty sweet with one syrup).

Ooooh they all sound so good, especially the passion tea lemonade! What’s “no classic” tho?

I reckon you should continue. Blogs seem to be a more gradual / slower thing. People don’t flock and not always flock to comment. They’re different media. Flickr is far more direct response. I wouldn’t be discouraged by the count of comments of views. Sometimes people read without commenting. Sometimes the people that use flickr do it bcos it’s a quick-response medium, while here you and we get to express or write more.
I for one, love your flickr and your blog, you know that. So I say you should continue.

Oh well I’m not that worried about views and comments I’m just trying to think… for me personally AND for the few loyal readers I have out there (I mean, if I have any loyal readers), should I continue blogging regularly (or semi-regularly)?

And thanks. :o)

Yes, good point. I guess you have the avenue of having a daily entry to cater for your 365 project. It lets you evolve the thoughts behind the photo a bit more. And you always have the luxury of writing other posts in between. You know you have made me think of re-starting my blog. And it’s just bcos sometimes you just want an outlet, like you say, no necessarilly to be read or be commented on, but to write.
I had an odd idea this morning for a post topic…

Odd idea for an odd person.. .lol! I’m still waiting for you to re-start your blog.

And yup, you have a good point, I like that.

Don’t worry…………I have 2 blogs, only one of which has any real direction (my photoblog for my 365 project) I’ve had the other blog for over a year and still don’t know what I’m trying to say or where I want to take it.

As for Starbucks…..I’m pretty boring…..Mint Chocolate Chip Frapaccino.

Oooh I haven’t had one of those in forever.

And I wish I had started a photoblog for my 365. I was tempted to… and then I didn’t. *kicks self*

Hokay, so, in my personal opinion–I’ve had too many of my own attempts at keeping a blog, websites and journals fail on me because I’ve tried too hard to give it an exact purpose or definition. I tried to put it in a box.

The truth of the matter is, you nor I are likely to become internet blog celebrities. Some people will read your blog, but the best person you can blog for is yourself. I know that sounds cheesy, but it’s better to have it as a place where you just want to tell folks about something and share the things that are important to you.

When you try to define it, it becomes easy to start judging what you’re going to post. Then you become disappointed when your blog becomes latent, and eventually it becomes really easy to give up.

Keep writing! Post whatever! Enjoy it!

But that’s the thing then… now I’m confused Because if I’m blogging for myself, then I’m blogging all my 365 pictures and posting my mundane thoughts. But if I’m using it as a place where I want to tell people something, then I’m not going to blog every silly thing I think of. Ya know?

And ha, internet blog celebrity. That’ll be the day. Although… *hmmmm* Just kidding!

You’re right though, I don’t want it to be easy for me to give up, maybe I’ll keep posting almost every day… and if there’s a few days where nothing happens (I think the summer might consist of a few WEEKS of this) then I’ll just do one big post with all my 365 pic backlog, just to keep it all in one place.

newmoon stole my name.. kinda

i don’t drink starbucks, so i can’t help there. i don’t drink coffee. no caffeinated drinks for this man — nuh-uh.

but your blog is you. i think when people have a hard time “finding something to blog about” it’s because they lost sight of who they are. my blog is about business and management, because that’s who i am. i’m the coach. the general manager. i’m the entrepreneur.

think about yourself and who you are, and your blogging direction will come to you. maybe not tonight — maybe not tomorrow.. but you’ll find it at some point, and when you do, it’ll just feel right

Only kind of… Her name isn’t Johnny!

And that’s the problem… I’m nobody. I mean, I’m not keeping a blog for business purposes, or anything like that. I don’t know why I’m keeping a blog actually. I’m just a teacher, that likes to take pictures, and I think that’s about it.

But you don’t HAVE to be anybody. Sometimes people write as a form of expression. You’re not doing it to impress or amass viewers, right? If it’s just a case of wanting to upkeep it because you’ve started and don’t want to abandon it, then do what you said and post your pics with a few words or on a catch up basis.

I guess… it feels like most people I know that have blogs are business owners (small or large), or are writers, or talking about their children growning up.

And yeah, I think I’m going to try to keep up with it so that I don’t abandon it…

hey, i’m nobody too. that would explain the low readership on my blog — i think i have a total of 0 readers. but it’s not about that. it’s about expressing yourself.

if you’re just a teacher who likes photography — then you should maybe blog about that. blog about how your photography can help in the classroom. are there lessons in your life that you haven’t even listened to yourself?

Then there’s a pair of us, don’t tell! :p

And I doubt you have 0 readers. I’ve read your blog… actually I read today’s post from my blackberry (but couldn’t comment b/c it was on my blackberry. I’m gonna comment now).

Hmm, I don’t know how photography is helping in my classroom. That might be a good thing to investigate next year.

I got bored fast of blogging my 365, but I still do it because I feel committed and people read it. I do it in a separate blog from my normal, chatty blog.

oh wow I don’t think I could handle TWO blogs, lol – much props to you!

I check out your flickr and blog every day/post. I very rarely comment on anything though, sorry! I don’t know. As long as you post, I will read it. When it becomes unenjoyable and more like a chore to post, then take a break…there aren’t any rules.

Ha, no worries, I appreciate the views! :o) And thanks for letting me know you read, I appreciate that too! Good point, once it becomes not fun, I’m done (at least for a little while… and lol I rhymed).

Well, do you enjoy it? I know that may be an oversimplified way to look at it, but it’s one I fight on with my 365 project all the time. I think sometimes that not enough people are looking at my pics and then I have to step back and figure out for whom I’m posting…me or some random people that happen past my page. Along those same lines, I have to fight urges to post things I think other people will like at the sake of what “I” want to take pictures of. Maybe it’s the same here. If you are posting to get your thoughts out because you like doing so…keep it up. Actually, your blog has me thinking about putting one together. I like the freedom it gives to share my thoughts on a larger scale…of course that scares me a bit too…

I do enjoy it… I think. Sometimes I worry about what people think of me when they read it… and sometimes I feel like I have to edit myself a bit because I’m worried about people who might stumble on it. But for the most part, I do enjoy it – kind of therapeutic. Then again, I’ve kept some form of a journal since I was 13… but this is less personal than a journal, since anyone CAN read it, whether they do or not…

And oooh you should try it out!

I’m curious as to what your thresholds are for “so few views and comments”. Your blog is very new…it takes quite a while to build up readership…and commenters tend to be even more rare.

The best advice I would say is don’t expect too much too soon – both in terms of “traffic” and also in terms of direction. While a blog is new is a really fun time for it – it’s figuring out who it wants to be. And that usually takes months 🙂

Oh I’m not worried about the views and comments (which btw, I think I average about 20 views and maybe 1 or 2 comments if I’m lucky)… it was just an observation.

And it’ll take me months to figure out my blog?! Oy vey…

Honestly, I don’t comment much, but that’s mainly because I want to try to start getting to bed at a reasonable hour. Flickr keeps me up and if I manage to be done with flickr by the time it’s time for bed, then I’m not ready to go and try to craft a reasonable response to blog entries too. I always read it, but by the time I’m here, I’m in no mood to even try to come up with something substantial to write, heck, I rarely get a good comment in on Flickr. (Talking about time, now I need to leave for work…)

Yeah I’ve never really been one for commenting on blogs, it’s such a hassle sometimes – but lately I’ve gotten better about it.

Green Tea Frappuccino:)

You can blog for whatever reason you want, it doesn’t have to even be a reason, it’s your space;)

Green Tea Frap? Never heard of it! Tempting, I love green tea!

And good point!

For different Starbucks drinks to try, check out this website:

As for the blog, keep at it. There are times I wanted to give up on my Project365 blog, but I feel like I should keep it going just so I can look back at it years later and see what I’ve “accomplished”. I really wish I would write more on my blog, either about what’s going on or about the photos etc.. but I’ve never been very good at expressing myself with words.. :-/

Oooh thanks for the site… I’ve tried the 1st one before, actually… had it at Nordstrom and mmm, yum.

And yup, you’re right, I think that’s reason alone to keep at it. And eh, I’m not very good at expressing myself with words either!

Grande Carmel macchiato is my fav!!! I also just recently had the chocolate mint frap – it was yummy and refreshing!

I got a starbucks gift card for Mother’s day!! LOVE IT

ooh never tried a grande caramel macchiato…. will have to look into that! And sweet you got a gift card!

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