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About this picture… at around 2am I woke up to this really loud thunderstorm. I sleep with a pretty noisy fan in my room (can’t sleep without it) so I usually don’t wake up too much but this storm was loud and there was a lot of lightning. We haven’t had a GOOD t’storm in ages and my first thought was, ‘try to take a picture of the lightning!’. Just when I was about to call myself crazy, some friends on twitter encouraged me to do the same thing. So I dragged myself out of bed and outside in my pajamas to try to take pictures of the lightning.

I tried using the self timer on the camera but in the 5 seconds before it would take the shot, the lightning would happen and then it would be over by the time the shot was taken. So I just went with the good ol’ ‘cross the fingers and take a picture randomly’ method. This is what I came up with. I’m actually pleased with it, good for my first attempt and so even though the buildings are blurry, I’m going with it.

Now, I have to do a mini movie review. I know, it’s not Sunday but this is more like a “I just saw a movie and you HAVE to watch it”. The past few days, the movie “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas” (also spelled Pyjamas) was the talk of the kindergarten teachers. One of them raved about the movie, and shared it with one teacher, who passed it on to the next teacher. Eventually I ended up with it and was seriously forced to watch it. I wasn’t really into it at first, playing on twitter and flickr while it was on in the background. Then suddenly, it got really interesting. Very interesting. Horrifying and tragic but so very interesting.

Anyway, I don’t recommend you find out about the movie before you watch it, just know that it’s set during WWII and it’s about a boy who befriends another boy, who is on the other side of the fence at a camp. Know that it’s sad but powerfully moving. And that I recommend it.

Another movie that I recommend is called “Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father”. It’s a documentary and the best thing I can tell you is do NOT google it. Seriously. Don’t. If you google it, you will ruin it for yourself. Just know that it is one of the most amazing documentaries I have ever seen, and it really is powerful.  I watched it back in January and it got me sad, it got me angry… I ranted about it for days after I saw it. It has nothing to do with “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas”, the only reason I thought of it was because I went into both movies knowing nothing and I think that’s part of the reason why they affected me so much.

I bet you guys are off googling now, aren’t you? Stop that and leave me comment love instead!


Man that was fast. Feels like I was just thinking about all the pictures I have to take this month and suddenly it’s time to make my May mosaic. Edited to add: so I had originally taken a different shot of the blackberries but wasn’t happy with how it turned out.  Turns out the ISO was at 1600 so the pic came out grainy.  Once that was pointed out to me, I reshot it, and since I turned on the overhead light, I think it made the bokeh more sparkley.  Yay, I’m happier with it now.

So here’s my May mosaic:

05 May Mosaic

Seems more random than usual, lol.  I kind of dig some of the macros but I’m more proud of the San Antonio pictures… and I’m really looking forward to taking more of those pictures in June.

Oh movie review! So after much debate, I went to see “Angels & Demons”. I had originally wanted to see it because I read the book back in college, but then the friend that I saw “The Da Vinci Code” with reminded me that I fell asleep during that movie. Not a good sign. Anyway, I ended up going… and since I read the book over 5 years ago, I went in knowing absolutely nothing and expecting the same.

I’m still not sure how I feel about the movie. I didn’t love it enough to watch it again (or buy it on DVD for that matter) but I didn’t hate it enough to tell people not to see it. I loved the way they captured Italy, it was really beautiful to watch and made me more determined to go there and take pictures of my own… I thought it was quite violent to a point… there wasn’t a lot of violence but what was portrayed was, I thought, particularly gruesome… which I didn’t really appreciate. Beyond that… I guess I’ll say, if you are looking for a thriller, you might enjoy this movie. Looking for comedy, or a light ‘sit back and enjoy’ movie… this isn’t it, it requires a bit of thinking.

One more note. You might have noticed that my reviews (if you could call them as much… they’re more like my random observations) don’t contain any spoilers. They never will. Last night I was directed to a blog that had a review about “Angels & Demons” and the author of the blog totally spilled the beans as to a major plot point. (Sidebar: saying SPOILER in capital letters a mere space away from revealing something isn’t helpful… my eyes move faster than my brain and I read the spoiler before my brain could process what was happening. Or something.) Having forgotten what happened in the book, it was kind of a bummer because as soon as the actor she referenced came on the screen, it was all I could think of and I think maybe I would have enjoyed the movie more if I didn’t see it coming.

Last thin, I promise.  During the opening (and end credits) I had a funny thought: you know you spend too much time on flickr, when you’re watching the beginning of “Angels & Demons” and all you can think is, “ooooh look at all the pretty bokeh dots!” Lol!

144/365 – randomness

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Ha ha, not intentional but it appears I watch a movie every Sunday lately. Well this Sunday was no exception, I went with my family to see Star Trek. Now I’m not really a Star Trek fan, but I grew up with it, my dad and brother were fans and I have memories of sitting on the living room floor with it on. The little communicator buttons they had on their shirts fascinated me, as did the way they transported themselves.

Anyway, I figured my dad would want to see it so on we went… I was hesitant but plenty of friends had told me that it was good so I was hoping to like it. And I did! I thought it was a good storyline, and an intriguing one at that… had a bit of comedy, which I always find almost necessary in movies. Plus I think my dad probably liked getting the back story of the characters he had known for years, while I was able to enjoy the story, even though I went in knowing very little about the characters or premise from the beginning. My only complaint was when the camera started shaking – I can’t stand movies that do that, as it makes me a bit motion-sick… luckily it wasn’t for a lot of the movie, but just small portions.

Oh and if you were wondering about the picture that accompanies this post… this is one of those pictures that stems from realizing it’s gone 9pm, I haven’t used the camera all day and I need to take my 365 picture within the next few hours. While I often find project 365 enjoyable, there are moments, like today, where I just find myself needing to take a picture for the sake of taking a picture… and obviously it’s not going to be good. I wish even my random pictures could be good but alas, I’m not there yet. Maybe one day.

137/365 – uninspired

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Man the weekend just flew by. How is it already late Sunday? Really? Well, 5 more days and then a 3 day weekend… oh and the countdown for school is 14… 14 more days left of classes!

So I went to see a movie today, looks like Sundays are my movie days. This time I went with two girl friends from work – we saw “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past”. Obviously kinda cheesy (any movie that mentions ghosts in the title is going to require some suspension of disbelief) and predictable but cute and good for some laughs.

There are some movies I’m looking forward to seeing, the trailers got me really excited. “My Sister’s Keeper”, for one – I’ve read the book (I’m a big fan of Jodi Picoult), although I’ve heard the movie is different than the book, particularly the ending. The new Ryan Reynolds movie “The Proposal” looks cute, as does “My Life in Ruins”… but I think with that last movie, I’m looking forward to the scenery, as it takes place in Greece!

And, lest you think I’m all about the chick flicks, I’m really looking forward to the new “Transformers” movie, I loved the first one. Oh and I have to see the new “Harry Potter” movie, and I still need to see “Angels & Demons” (I read the book back in college).

Phew, so many movies to see! Are you looking forward to any movies in particular?

So I have to thank you again for all your book recommendations, I really appreciated them. And today I finally got to pick up a book. Actually, I picked up two. I purchased Water For Elephants and Queen of Babble Gets Hitched. Why? Well, Water for Elephants was suggested twice in the comments, plus it was already on my to-read list. And the other book is the third in a series that my mother introduced me to… really nice light reading, perfect for the pool.  Either way, I spent an hour in this Barnes & Noble, which has a spectacular view outside the window… drinking some Starbucks, reading a book and just generally trying to relax.

Also today I went to see the movie “The Soloist”, with Robert Downey Jr and Jamie Foxx. I thought the music was really lovely, especially with the surround sound… which they also used really well to portray schizophrenia. The storyline was good, but I wasn’t as into the movie as I would like. It’s based off a book, which I knew but forgot about, and about 10 minutes into the movie I realized I probably should have read the book first. Ah well. Still a decent movie, I’d recommend it but I wouldn’t watch it again.

There’s nothing like actually enjoying a weekend to help recharge your batteries properly. Too often, I feel like the weekend flew by and I have nothing to show for it, nothing accomplished. However, I can honestly say that this weekend I not only accomplished a lot, but I also enjoyed it thoroughly.

Today I went to see the new X-Men movie, Wolverine. Having seen all three previous movies (and being horribly disappointed with the most recent), I didn’t go in expecting much but I really liked it. It was interesting to learn about Wolverine’s background.. although, being the chick that I am, I had to cover my eyes during most of the violent fighting scenes (of which there were many). And speaking of, why do people take their really young children to see these kind of movies? I mean, the line “blow his brains out all over the road” (and I’m paraphrasing here, though that could be the actual line, word for word) shouldn’t be heard by someone under the age of 13, don’t you think?

When I got out of the movies, the sky had gone from overcast to partly sunny… and by the time I got done grocery shopping, it was nearly cloudless. Perfect weather to sit out by the pool and read a good book. Ahhh.

Unfortunately tomorrow it’s back to work… but at least this weekend was well spent!

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