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So travel has been on my mind a lot lately… not sure why. Okay maybe I do know why, I was re-reading Eat, Pray, Love over the weekend and, as you may or may not know, the memoir discusses the author’s year spent in Italy, India and Indonesia. I’d like to visit Italy myself, also Greece… maybe France (I went when I was younger and didn’t really appreciate it), and many different states around the states since I haven’t been many places within the US.

However traveling BACK to San Antonio, where I currently reside… not one of my dreams. Lol!

I was talking to my mom today and my cousin is coming from out of the country for another cousin’s wedding in Oregon in August. My mom was suggesting that perhaps, either before or after the wedding, we could take a drive to San Antonio for the day and show my cousin around… maybe the Missions, definitely the Riverwalk…

Seriously. Traveling BACK to the city I will have left mere months ago is not my dream. Trip to California, sure. New York… tell me where to buy the tickets. But San Antonio? I’ve been there, done that… for the past 5 years!

So where do you dream of traveling? And… anyone need a traveling buddy?! I pack light!


So I have to thank you again for all your book recommendations, I really appreciated them. And today I finally got to pick up a book. Actually, I picked up two. I purchased Water For Elephants and Queen of Babble Gets Hitched. Why? Well, Water for Elephants was suggested twice in the comments, plus it was already on my to-read list. And the other book is the third in a series that my mother introduced me to… really nice light reading, perfect for the pool.  Either way, I spent an hour in this Barnes & Noble, which has a spectacular view outside the window… drinking some Starbucks, reading a book and just generally trying to relax.

Also today I went to see the movie “The Soloist”, with Robert Downey Jr and Jamie Foxx. I thought the music was really lovely, especially with the surround sound… which they also used really well to portray schizophrenia. The storyline was good, but I wasn’t as into the movie as I would like. It’s based off a book, which I knew but forgot about, and about 10 minutes into the movie I realized I probably should have read the book first. Ah well. Still a decent movie, I’d recommend it but I wouldn’t watch it again.

I’ll be honest… I did not go outside with the intentions of taking a picture of this lock. I felt lazy after a long, hard day at work and was going to take some pictures of the flowers. Then I wandered around some more and found this shed on school property. And for some reason, the lock looked interesting to me, along with the texture of the wood underneath it. Hmm.

I was debating on taking a picture of the book I just finished reading instead. The title is I Loved, I Lost, I Made Spaghetti, and it’s a memoir by Giulia Melucci. When I gave the name of the book to the sales associate at the book store, the guy seriously chucked. It’s a good thing I asked though – the book has recipes in it, and was therefore located in the cooking section of the store. I would have never guessed…

By the way, is there anything better than a good book? (don’t answer that) When I was younger, I used to DEVOUR books… I’d stay up til all hours, finishing a book as fast as possible. These days I take my time, try to savor it… I read maybe only a chapter or two at night, right before bed or in a Lush bubble bath. And I hate when I get to the very end of the book, when I know the end is near and I’m about to have to say goodbye to the world I’ve been living in. I felt that way with the book I just finished.

The good news about finishing the book, however, is that maybe I’ll eat less pasta now. Every time I picked up the book, or even thought about it, I was suddenly hungry for some spaghetti. I have eaten more pasta in the past 2 weeks than most people eat in a few months, I’m sure! But it’s one of the only things I know how to cook without ruining – gotta stick with what you know!

Now I’m on the quest for a new book to read. I have a couple in mind, a list on my Blackberry… but if you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments!

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