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152/365 – bubbles!

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So far June is shaping up to be pretty good. Knock on wood, cuz I don’t want to jinx it, you know. But let’s see… next week I get to see Coldplay, and next weekend I get to watch Wicked (I think next weekend… we’re still deciding). I just learned about the McNay Art Museum here in town, and since it’s free on the 1st Sunday of every month, I’ve decided to go there this Sunday. Not sure what I’ll do Saturday though… maybe I’ll go back down to the Riverwalk. Or maybe I’ll go find the other 2 missions. Or the zoo… So many choices! I wonder what there will be to take pictures of when I move to Houston…

Anyway, what else will June bring? Well obviously my move to Houston the last weekend of the month, which I’m definitely not looking forward to… but it also brings the end of the school year, summer vacation, sleeping in and staying up late and going out… I’m getting excited. Hope it’s not a let down!

I have to talk about my bubble pictures. Today was bubble day at work, so the kids got to bring in bubbles and I took them outside 3 separate times to let them blow their bubbles. Of course I brought my camera along and they had fun, blowing them at me and trying to get me to take their picture, or a picture of their bubbles.

Meanwhile, I’d like to say that taking pictures of bubbles is hard! Very hard. So much to worry about – lighting, background, focus… plus the wind kept blowing the bubbles up and away. Or the kids would try to pop them from right under me. I got a few that I’m happy with though…

I thought this one was kind of neat, although I wish the background could have been different.

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Maybe it’s just because I was a relatively good kid… or maybe it is because I went to a private school.. but these kids that I work with just amaze me. And I don’t mean in a good way. They really floor me.

Today I had a student glare at me multiple times during the day, ignoring me when I talked to her. Another student (not in my class) refused to come into his teacher’s classroom, standing out in the hallway until an administrator came. Another student (in a different classroom) threw a horrible fit when the teacher corrected him, screaming in her face, crying hysterically and kicking and hitting her. But the real kicker… yesterday, another student (not in my class anymore, but he used to be) decided that he didn’t want to go to the bathroom IN the bathroom and whipped it out in the outside hallway, peeing on the trashcan. In front of a little girl.

These are 6 year olds that I’m talking about. 6 years old. I know I don’t have kids of my own so I can’t really speak much about kids but… my word, this is ridiculous. These children (and so many others) are spoiled, they tell their parents what to do, they tell their parents no and question their actions… and the parents are too… something! to do anything about it. Which of course leads to similar behavior in the classroom and I’m sorry but that’s not right.

It’s exhausting. I’ve taught 4 years and 4 different grade levels (in 2 different schools) and this year has been the worst. I have never met any children like this. I’m honestly afraid for what next year will bring… I’m hoping I get into a good school with good (or somewhat good) kids.. and an administration that will HELP take care of these kids.

Oh and in other news… today after work I went out for drinks with some co-workers. Not really a big deal, even if you take into consideration that I usually don’t go out all that much… but the exciting part was that right across the street is a outdoor track. Track might be the wrong word, but a place that is open to the public, where I could walk or jog. I’m hoping to start going, it looks nice and very popular… it could be a start!

Well, I love this part of spring… the rare days where the weather is just right… and by that I mean not ridiculously humid and hot, like most Texas days are. Which should be right around the corner.

Today I found myself getting really frustrated with a math lesson. We’ve finished the kindergarten curriculum and are working on a “step up to first grade” part, which, suffice it to say, is quite a bit harder for them. After struggling our way through it, I got the kids to line up and we sat against the wall outside my classroom, just looking at the flowers in the garden. When I had calmed myself down (I was seriously frustrated!), I read a story to them while we were outside and then I let them wander around the garden while I snapped a few shots.

Originally my 365 for today...On the railing right outside my door.

Love this lighting...

Natural lighting – shadows caused by the tree above.

Not a bad way to salvage the rest of the day. I’m just not looking forward to tomorrow’s lesson!

139/365 – Time to…

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Well first of all, wow, thanks for the overwhelming response regarding yesterday’s blog – I appreciate all the comments and I still have quite a few to reply to. Anyway, I’ve decided that I will continue to blog on a pretty regular basis about whatever floats my boat because I like doing it… And on the days when I have nothing to say, I just won’t post.  It’s not rocket science now, is it? :o)

In other news, I’ve started packing up my classroom… it’s that time. I mean, according to the administrators they would say no, it’s not time but… well, I live in a 3rd floor apartment and taking everything home (and up those stairs!) on the two work days after school is out is just impossible. Especially considering that I’ve apparently alienated the two men in my life that used to help me carry things up. :p

Anyway, I’m pretty discreet about it… I just slowly start putting in boxes the things that the kids aren’t using… and take home a box a day. Meanwhile, a different kindergarten teacher walked to her car today with 7 of her students, each of them (and her) carrying a box! If I tried that, I would have gotten caught and in trouble, lol!

And in completely random news, I was talking to my mom and was mentioning new movies coming out (that “Julie & Julia” one, to be specific) and she had the idea that she would like us to maybe take cooking classes when I move to Houston. Just one night a week… I think it’s a nice idea! Especially considering how I completely *fail* at cooking. Sweet.  Unless it’s all asparagus souffles, like she’s thinking… that’s so NOT my idea of yummyness!

So that student got moved out of my classroom today… apparently the parent had requested a specific teacher (the one next to me) and so this morning she was moved. And it was so interesting… my student (or should I say, former student now) kept giving me the strangest looks today when I saw her in the morning. Almost as if she looked guilty. I really wonder what she was thinking about. Anyway, it looks like the door is closed on that story and student. What a relief.

Beyond that, it was the usual. The lead teachers had a training session to go to and since the school doesn’t have the funds to hire substitutes (we have one permanent sub and that’s it), they just split the kids up amongst the other teachers. Which meant I got an additional 5 students. It wasn’t too bad, the kids were well behaved… but there was ANOTHER teacher out in my grade level. Which we had known beforehand… but I was shocked when I asked if the permanent sub would be in her room and was told “oh only if no one else is out sick.”

So that meant that if someone else in a different grade level would have been out, they would’ve split up both kinder classes and I would have ended up with an extra 10+ students? I’m sorry, that is just wrong on so many levels. Luckily it didn’t come to that… but I shudder to think of it. That’s just dangerous.

131/365 – just press

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I seriously was stressing about the parent incident from Friday all weekend long. Honestly. This morning I woke up, with a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach, not looking forward to the day. I really thought that the parents would be waiting for me first thing in the morning, would stay with me for the first hour, until the kids have PE and then would want a conference with me.

However, that was not what happened at all. First of all, I talked to the vice principal first thing in the morning and he told me that they were just going to move her out of my room on Tuesday. He also said that if the parents did try to conference with me (and he didn’t think they would try), that he would intercept them.. at the very least, I did not want to conference with them alone. And as it was, the dad didn’t say a word to me when he dropped her off. So okay.

Unfortunately, either my morning coffee didn’t agree with me, I caught a stomach bug or I REALLY stressed myself out… but I was sick all morning. I ended up taking a half day and leaving work early, because I just couldn’t stay at work sick. It needed to be done though, I got home, took a nap and then rested on the couch and I feel a bit better. Not 100% but probably by tomorrow, I’ll be fine.

So that was it. All that stress for nothing. I’m such a mess!

128/365 – fruit

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So I was telling myself I wouldn’t discuss this on the blog, that I just need to let it go. But it’s getting to me. It’s been getting to me all day and I can’t let it go. So I’m going to *briefly* mention it… and then hopefully never mention it again. Okay that’s a lie, this story will probably have some form of ending on Monday so it’ll have to get brought up then.

A parent of one of my students came up to me today, just randomly checking in on her child. She has issues with a lot of things in the classroom concerning her child and, without going into details… proceeded to attack me about them. I was caught completely off guard and I can’t stand that, not to mention the fact that no matter what I tell this mother, she’s not going to be happy with what I say.

After meeting with me, she went to talk to the principal about it and unfortunately, I did not get a chance to speak to the principal at all today – which kind of bothered me, I would have liked to talk to her about it, get her opinion and see how she feels about this. But the last thing I heard was that 1. the parent had decided there was going to be a parent-teacher conference on Monday (um, thanks for telling ME about this) and 2. the parent wants the child moved out of my class.

I used to take it personally when parents wanted their children out of my class… but I get it now. Occasionally, for a variety of reasons, personalities clash – whether it is between the parent and the teacher, or the student and the teacher. However. There are now 19 days left of school. Is it really going to help this child to move her now?

Not to mention, classrooms are pretty full. If I get a child moved out of my room, then that means I’m going to end up having a different child moved *into* my room. That makes me nervous.

Well. There’s nothing I can do right now. I am letting it go… for the weekend. I shudder to think what Monday will bring but for now, I’m going to take a long bubble bath and not think on it.

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