Hello world!

Posted on: April 29, 2009

Okay I have a blog now.  Yay?  I came up with the tagline somehow today and decided I ought to register it… not that it’s good or anything, but whatev.  Now I just need a title… suggestions?

Let’s see… what is this blog for?  Well, probably as  a way to detail my teaching escapades/observations… I’ll post some pictures from time to time, just for fun… other than that, I have no idea.

Fascinating, eh?


6 Responses to "Hello world!"

I blog too…holler if you want to be added to the list.:)

Oooh sure!

What do you teach?

Kindergarten… this year. But I’m hoping for a different grade level next year…

Good luck on the blog! Mine fizzled after about 4 months. I hope you stick with it longer than that…

Ha ha we shall see… so far I’ve stayed with project 365… but it’s still early!

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