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Sigh. Thanks for your thoughts on my blog and flickr page yesterday, I appreciate all of them. I’m still thinking about it and I’m not sure what conclusions, if any, I’ve come to. Some comments have made me more reluctant to get a dSLR… and some comments have made me more determined!

Someone suggested that I just get a better point and shoot camera, with more manual options. Mmm, nah. I think that while the point and shoot camera that I have right now is limiting, I don’t want to “upgrade” to another point and shoot. If I’m going to spend money on another camera, I’m going all out. I mean, not ALL out, but dSLR or bust.

On the other hand, some comments mentioned that since a dSLR isn’t as portable as a point and shoot, it doesn’t get taken out as much. That’s another concern I have… that I’d be too lazy or “embarassed” (for lack of a better word?) to take it out.

And btw, yup, I know that a camera doesn’t make one take better pictures. But for me, it’s the *possibilities*. The different lenses out there and the potential pictures I could achieve with them.

I liked the idea a few people had on my flickr page about starting a separate account and every time I wish I had a dSLR, make a donation to that account. Well, right now my savings account is my dSLR fund but I think it’s a good idea. Every time something about my camera irks me or I see a fantastic picture and I think “man I want a dSLR” I’m going to donate some money to my savings account. Probably only like $2 because it might add up fast and I still need to afford to live, lol…

Anyway, in non-dSLR news… I told my mom this weekend I was going to maybe join a gym when I moved and my mom’s reaction? “Good, I think that’s an excellent idea. You could lose a few pounds.” Lol, thanks mom. I mean, yes she has a point (actually I think my weight is probably alright, it’s just where it has accumulated that is the problem… I need to figure out the right exercise to target the tummy area).

Gotta love parental support, no?



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Mini update because I’m about to head out and even though I haven’t taken any pictures yet (pic to the left was taken a few weeks ago), I’m heading to a wedding so I’m hoping to get my 365 shot there.  I probably won’t be able to post it til tomorrow though, hence the mini update post now.

I was making the 3 hour drive to Houston this morning and was thinking… this is the last time that this drive will be round-trip. The next time I make the drive to Houston, it will be with everything I own, as it will be me moving to Houston. Wow.

After the drive, I got my hair cut – just a trim and some bangs (and seriously, hairdressers never listen to what I say and *always* screw up my bangs). The main problem I had was the hairdresser next to me. This was at the salon my mom frequents and the hairdresser recognized me in relation to my mom, states a few facts about me and then goes, “you’re 15 right?”. Really? Really I look 15? The hairdresser on the other side decides to guess… I told her to guess older so she guesses 20. Well, I’d rather take 20 than 15… but seriously, 15?? That’s 12 years off from my real age!

Ugh. There better be champagne at this wedding. Although I bet they won’t think I’m old enough for it.

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Don’t we all scream for ice cream? Okay well I had one relationship where my (now) ex was not really into ice cream. I couldn’t understand it… how can you NOT like ice cream?  The relationship obviously didn’t work out, although I don’t think the ice cream was really a factor.

I’ve been thinking a lot about starting to exercise when I move next month. I’m sure the majority of you people aren’t lazy like me and actually exercise… I’ve just never known what I would like to do. I’m not really a big runner, although maybe I could be with the right music on my iPod… but I’ve never had a place where I *could* run. I never had money for a gym and besides that, I wouldn’t know *what* to do at the gym. Not to mention I never have time during the week – I get done with work at 6pm, start getting ready for bed at 9pm… and I’m sorry but I just CAN’T wake up early to work out.

But anyway, I’ve decided. When I move, I’ll have extra cash for a change so I could maybe join a gym, there’s a good one by my parent’s house. Or I could maybe even jog around the neighborhood since it would be safe. And hopefully I’ll be at a school district where I won’t have to work after school care, and therefore I’ll have time to work out.

Anything to get people to quit commenting on my tummy (I’m not fond of it these days either). Although I’m not so sure about giving up my ice cream. That might be where I draw the line.

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I’m such a girl… even though I deny liking shopping, I think I have to admit that I really do love it. Maybe it’s more like, I prefer shopping on my own… whenever I shop with others, I’m forced to go at their speed, dawdle and wait. I’m more of a whirlwind, in and out, I know what I like, I try it on, and then I’m on to the next thing.

My latest shopping loves are shoes and dressy/casual shirts. I say dressy/casual because I like finding clothes I can wear at work AND on the weekends. And shoes because… well I think I may have been watching too much Sex and the City – I love the heels the girls wear and I wish I could afford them. Not even the expensive shoes, but just the different colors and styles… heels make me feel more grownup or something silly.

Too bad I can’t ever seem to last more than an hour wearing them, especially in my profession. I’m determined though, starting now I’m going to try to wear heels more often. As my blog is my witness… lol! Wish me luck?

Oh and btw, sorry I didn’t get to follow up on the suggestions from yesterday. The weather made sure that any outdoor activities were postponed/canceled. Maybe tomorrow if I get a chance…

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