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I’ll admit it. I’m freaking out on the inside. A lot. About finding a job, that is. I’ve been at this school district for 3 years and each spring/summer I did what a good job hunter is supposed to do – I filled out online applications, I attended job fairs, I left my resume… and the calls just would not come. Very disheartening. My co-workers and I decided it was due to us working at a charter school… often times that doesn’t get the same respect as working at a public school.

But this time, this time I’m moving to Houston. Not getting a job is NOT an option. Yes, I’m fortunate enough to have my family to live with – but I still have bills to pay… and a dSLR camera in my dreams savings to build. I need to get a teaching job.

I have applied to two school districts so far, am trying to think which other districts I should apply to. I have applied to every job opening pertinent to me on one district, through their convenient website.  As for the other school district – today I emailed 9 principals about the job listings posted on their school district website. I heard back from 1… who informed me that the position was pending an offer (which I already knew) but that she would keep my resume on file.

The sad thing is… now I’m almost terrified to check my email, my heart stops a little when my phone rings. Because while I DO want a job… the next step is a job interview. And while I’ve done job interviews for summer jobs and my most recent retail job… this is different. This is more important. SO much more important. Gulp.

In other news I just got a notice that one of my credit cards got it’s limit raised, because of my “outstanding credit management”. This comes only a few months after a *different* credit card did the same thing to me. Man, credit cards are so evil!


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