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So I’ve had a day.  One of THOSE days.  Had them?  Know what I’m talking about?  I feel like I’ve been venting all day on twitter but that’s not enough… little spurts of vent aren’t doing it for me.  I need to just let it all out.  You’ve been warned.

It started with my co-worker, another kinder teacher who is right next door to me.  She sends a student to get a tissue from our tissue box.  Okay.  Then another student of hers walks in and starts taking a lot of tissues.  What?  Then the teacher walks in, complaining about how she’s run out of tissues in her classroom.  Yup, it happens, I know.  But then you send home a note to the parents asking for tissues.  You don’t just start sending your kids into my room to use my tissues.  My kids go through them fast enough on their own…

Then my twitter issue.  I have a friend, we’ll just call her Friend.  I guess friend is a term to be used lightly, I haven’t seen her in 5 years.. but she’s still a friend I’ve known for ages.  I follow her on twitter but she doesn’t follow me – not sure why. My guess is that it’s never occurred to her. Friend sent a funny link, that I retweeted.  Some of my followers on twitter also retweeted that link, still keeping the Friend @ link.  One of my followers added Friend on twitter… and Friend added her back.  Hello?  Why can’t she add me back?  I mean, she actually knows me… I don’t know, I’m probably taking it personally when I shouldn’t be but still… it kinda hurts.

Oh and apparently one of my students has lice.  Awesome.  Well I think it’s HAD, past tense… but still. Yuck.

I don’t feel better.  Okay maybe a little bit better… but not really.  I need ice cream.  Ice cream will make it better.


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