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I was driving to work this morning and it must have rained over night, because there were puddles everywhere. Every time I passed a puddle, I’d catch a glimpse of a reflection inside it – a building, or the sky – and I just wished I wasn’t running late so that I could stop and take a picture of it. Well, that and I wished the puddle wasn’t in the middle of the road so that I could take a picture of it, lol.

There’s just so many pictures waiting to be taken on the drive to work. This neighborhood I drive through has a house with the most beautiful purple flowers, and another house has a gorgeous magnolia tree… I’d love to take pictures of both of them but I’d feel embarassed to explain what I was doing if someone asked me about it. Not to mention, there’s never time to stop.

Anyway, after work I was driving home, trying to think of what to take a picture of and reflections popped into my head again. I drove around, looking for a nice, shiny building with lots of windows but I didn’t find any that reflected anything great. I took some default flower pictures in my apartment complex, nothing exciting and then, as I was walking away from the car I caught sight of this…

Maybe it’s nothing special. In fact, I’m sure it’s not. But I kind of just love how the sky looks in the window. I don’t know… it just struck me as a picture. So I made it one.

Oh and P.S. in dSLR news.. I’ve decided yes, I’m going for it. After making 2 donations to my dSLR fund yesterday (because I found myself wishing I had one) and 1 today, I’ve decided I should get one. I was talking to my co-workers today (who aren’t photography people at all, but they are sweet and like my pictures) and they think that I should totally go for it… and not to settle for a camera that I’m going to want to upgrade rather quickly. They think I should save up and get the camera that I want, that I’m not going to want to upgrade, even if it takes me that much longer. So… here goes!

Oh and if anyone wants to donate or knows anyone who wants to donate (yeah I’m not holding my breath), I’ve added a donate button to the right side of the side. :o)

One last thing – I’ve made the decision today to elimate sodas from my diet. I’ve been drinking too many and I bet they’re a good chunk of my recent tummy “issue” so starting today, I’m going to wean myself off them (and hopefully off Starbucks too)… my goal is to be done before I move.


Sigh. Thanks for your thoughts on my blog and flickr page yesterday, I appreciate all of them. I’m still thinking about it and I’m not sure what conclusions, if any, I’ve come to. Some comments have made me more reluctant to get a dSLR… and some comments have made me more determined!

Someone suggested that I just get a better point and shoot camera, with more manual options. Mmm, nah. I think that while the point and shoot camera that I have right now is limiting, I don’t want to “upgrade” to another point and shoot. If I’m going to spend money on another camera, I’m going all out. I mean, not ALL out, but dSLR or bust.

On the other hand, some comments mentioned that since a dSLR isn’t as portable as a point and shoot, it doesn’t get taken out as much. That’s another concern I have… that I’d be too lazy or “embarassed” (for lack of a better word?) to take it out.

And btw, yup, I know that a camera doesn’t make one take better pictures. But for me, it’s the *possibilities*. The different lenses out there and the potential pictures I could achieve with them.

I liked the idea a few people had on my flickr page about starting a separate account and every time I wish I had a dSLR, make a donation to that account. Well, right now my savings account is my dSLR fund but I think it’s a good idea. Every time something about my camera irks me or I see a fantastic picture and I think “man I want a dSLR” I’m going to donate some money to my savings account. Probably only like $2 because it might add up fast and I still need to afford to live, lol…

Anyway, in non-dSLR news… I told my mom this weekend I was going to maybe join a gym when I moved and my mom’s reaction? “Good, I think that’s an excellent idea. You could lose a few pounds.” Lol, thanks mom. I mean, yes she has a point (actually I think my weight is probably alright, it’s just where it has accumulated that is the problem… I need to figure out the right exercise to target the tummy area).

Gotta love parental support, no?

I’ll be honest… working with a point & shoot camera is really limiting in a lot of ways… my most recent example being my trouble shooting the wedding on Saturday. I mean, it gets the job done, the size makes it convenient to throw in my purse and take everywhere… but there’s so much I think I could do, if I had a better camera.

Anyway, at said wedding, my mother said she wanted to get me a piece of jewelry for me to treasure forever and I told her that I really just wanted a new camera, a dSLR.. I told her that I had been saving up all year and was really hoping to be able to afford it by the end of the summer. She was hesitant at first, saying that “I’d just throw it away” (thinking it was any old camera)… and then she said she’d try to help me out financially with it, when she could.

As soon as she said that, I got nervous. I mean, looking at my pictures lately (or rather, overall) they’re not anything to write home about. My mom acts impressed… but that’s my mom, lol… she’s always going to be supportive. Maybe it’s not worth spending all that money on a camera when I can’t even do that great with the camera I have now… Plus I tend to get bored with hobbies, what if my mom is right and eventually I just get tired of taking pictures and my camera ends up at the back of my closet, along with my ice skates, collecting dust?

I don’t know what I’m going on about. I really think that taking pictures has become a fun hobby for me and I’m really enjoying it, and I don’t foresee myself losing interest… but you never know, ya know?

I’m rambling, aren’t I?

I’ll admit it. I’m freaking out on the inside. A lot. About finding a job, that is. I’ve been at this school district for 3 years and each spring/summer I did what a good job hunter is supposed to do – I filled out online applications, I attended job fairs, I left my resume… and the calls just would not come. Very disheartening. My co-workers and I decided it was due to us working at a charter school… often times that doesn’t get the same respect as working at a public school.

But this time, this time I’m moving to Houston. Not getting a job is NOT an option. Yes, I’m fortunate enough to have my family to live with – but I still have bills to pay… and a dSLR camera in my dreams savings to build. I need to get a teaching job.

I have applied to two school districts so far, am trying to think which other districts I should apply to. I have applied to every job opening pertinent to me on one district, through their convenient website.  As for the other school district – today I emailed 9 principals about the job listings posted on their school district website. I heard back from 1… who informed me that the position was pending an offer (which I already knew) but that she would keep my resume on file.

The sad thing is… now I’m almost terrified to check my email, my heart stops a little when my phone rings. Because while I DO want a job… the next step is a job interview. And while I’ve done job interviews for summer jobs and my most recent retail job… this is different. This is more important. SO much more important. Gulp.

In other news I just got a notice that one of my credit cards got it’s limit raised, because of my “outstanding credit management”. This comes only a few months after a *different* credit card did the same thing to me. Man, credit cards are so evil!

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