Growing Pains

Posted on: April 30, 2009

113/365 – Smile!

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[Picture from a week ago, but I think a picture with a blog post makes the post that much sweeter.]

My blog is currently having an identity crisis… I’m all sorts of torn about it. I had an idea that perhaps the *title* of the blog should have some sort of reference to the name curiousillusion, as that’s how I’m pretty much known across the web. And then I figured I’d have the tagline Confessions of the Confused [and Confusing] underneath the title. But as soon as I changed my theme to a brightly colored version, the tagline disappeared. Plus I don’t want the title of the blog to JUST be curiousillusion… I need to think on this some more.  If you have suggestions, feel free to send them my way!  I’m having a creative lapse…

Meanwhile, I’ve realized at how BAD I am at reading blogs. I mean, I read blogs… every day, thanks to Google Reader. However, I never take the time to make a comment. Well, no more! I vow to be better at leaving comments on my friend’s blogs… it’s the kind thing to do. So, uh… feel free to leave a comment on my blog too, if you feel like being kind!

P.S. I’ve added some blogs to my bloglist, if I’ve forgotten you and you would like to be added, just drop me a line!


12 Responses to "Growing Pains"

OMG…it’s been over a month since I blogged. Soooooo bad! Maybe knowing someone just added my blog to their blogroll will motivate me. Meh…probably not. I am on Flickr too much to have time to blog.

Oooh… how did your comment show up as approved all by itself? The rest of the comments I’ve received on my blog so far I’ve had to approve (which is so tedious)… neat that yours made it through on it’s own!

And you need to blog now! Do it! Now!!

The URL is the blog for the Kiwanis club that I am president of. I maintain the blog and would love for you to add it to your blog roll! I might start a personal one again someday, but I am not feeling so inspired at the moment.

I like the bright look and feel. Your title will come to you. Maybe something about “dreams” or “dreaming” since that is the word you love?

Will definitely add that blog…. although I’d love it if you would start a personal one too! And good thinking about incorporating those words. Although a title that’s been bouncing in my head is something along the lines of “A curiousillusion is all we see..”. I dunno. Blah.

Hey, you have a blog! Kewl!! Will give you some linky-love on mine.

I like the tag line but have no idea how to force WordPress to give it back. I do like this design, though!

Hee hee, thanks! And yeah, I need to figure out blog theme code a bit so I can force it to give me my tagline back! The design is so pretty and happy that I didn’t want to change it just to get the tagline…

I know what you mean about “identity crisis” when it comes to a blog. As you probably gathered from my “survey”, I have a similar issue – my blog can’t decide if it is about photography, tech tips, personal updates, funny things, or what. It’s a challenge.

Thanks for the link, by the way! I just added yours to my blogroll too. Hopefully that’ll get you some more visitors…or at least boost your google juice 🙂

Well but can’t a blog be about all those things? I know it’d get boring if my blog is about just me all the time… so that’s why I plan on including my project 365 pictures. At the same time, I wouldn’t want to keep it only about my pictures, I’d definitely want to inject some of myself in my blog at times.

I guess we’ll see…

And thanks for the link back!

Some formats don’t allow a tagline, if you really want it you might have to scroll through a bunch and pick one that has it.

I love the comment system on WordPress but I hated that I couldn’t use my Etsy Mini or the Flickr badge with the moving photos.

Eh, I don’t really want a tagline… I do just want to come up with a good title for this blog already, lol!

I’m adding you to my list.

Ooh adding you back. 🙂

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