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Maybe it’s just because I was a relatively good kid… or maybe it is because I went to a private school.. but these kids that I work with just amaze me. And I don’t mean in a good way. They really floor me.

Today I had a student glare at me multiple times during the day, ignoring me when I talked to her. Another student (not in my class) refused to come into his teacher’s classroom, standing out in the hallway until an administrator came. Another student (in a different classroom) threw a horrible fit when the teacher corrected him, screaming in her face, crying hysterically and kicking and hitting her. But the real kicker… yesterday, another student (not in my class anymore, but he used to be) decided that he didn’t want to go to the bathroom IN the bathroom and whipped it out in the outside hallway, peeing on the trashcan. In front of a little girl.

These are 6 year olds that I’m talking about. 6 years old. I know I don’t have kids of my own so I can’t really speak much about kids but… my word, this is ridiculous. These children (and so many others) are spoiled, they tell their parents what to do, they tell their parents no and question their actions… and the parents are too… something! to do anything about it. Which of course leads to similar behavior in the classroom and I’m sorry but that’s not right.

It’s exhausting. I’ve taught 4 years and 4 different grade levels (in 2 different schools) and this year has been the worst. I have never met any children like this. I’m honestly afraid for what next year will bring… I’m hoping I get into a good school with good (or somewhat good) kids.. and an administration that will HELP take care of these kids.

Oh and in other news… today after work I went out for drinks with some co-workers. Not really a big deal, even if you take into consideration that I usually don’t go out all that much… but the exciting part was that right across the street is a outdoor track. Track might be the wrong word, but a place that is open to the public, where I could walk or jog. I’m hoping to start going, it looks nice and very popular… it could be a start!


Sigh. Thanks for your thoughts on my blog and flickr page yesterday, I appreciate all of them. I’m still thinking about it and I’m not sure what conclusions, if any, I’ve come to. Some comments have made me more reluctant to get a dSLR… and some comments have made me more determined!

Someone suggested that I just get a better point and shoot camera, with more manual options. Mmm, nah. I think that while the point and shoot camera that I have right now is limiting, I don’t want to “upgrade” to another point and shoot. If I’m going to spend money on another camera, I’m going all out. I mean, not ALL out, but dSLR or bust.

On the other hand, some comments mentioned that since a dSLR isn’t as portable as a point and shoot, it doesn’t get taken out as much. That’s another concern I have… that I’d be too lazy or “embarassed” (for lack of a better word?) to take it out.

And btw, yup, I know that a camera doesn’t make one take better pictures. But for me, it’s the *possibilities*. The different lenses out there and the potential pictures I could achieve with them.

I liked the idea a few people had on my flickr page about starting a separate account and every time I wish I had a dSLR, make a donation to that account. Well, right now my savings account is my dSLR fund but I think it’s a good idea. Every time something about my camera irks me or I see a fantastic picture and I think “man I want a dSLR” I’m going to donate some money to my savings account. Probably only like $2 because it might add up fast and I still need to afford to live, lol…

Anyway, in non-dSLR news… I told my mom this weekend I was going to maybe join a gym when I moved and my mom’s reaction? “Good, I think that’s an excellent idea. You could lose a few pounds.” Lol, thanks mom. I mean, yes she has a point (actually I think my weight is probably alright, it’s just where it has accumulated that is the problem… I need to figure out the right exercise to target the tummy area).

Gotta love parental support, no?

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