Travel Plans?

Posted on: May 13, 2009

So travel has been on my mind a lot lately… not sure why. Okay maybe I do know why, I was re-reading Eat, Pray, Love over the weekend and, as you may or may not know, the memoir discusses the author’s year spent in Italy, India and Indonesia. I’d like to visit Italy myself, also Greece… maybe France (I went when I was younger and didn’t really appreciate it), and many different states around the states since I haven’t been many places within the US.

However traveling BACK to San Antonio, where I currently reside… not one of my dreams. Lol!

I was talking to my mom today and my cousin is coming from out of the country for another cousin’s wedding in Oregon in August. My mom was suggesting that perhaps, either before or after the wedding, we could take a drive to San Antonio for the day and show my cousin around… maybe the Missions, definitely the Riverwalk…

Seriously. Traveling BACK to the city I will have left mere months ago is not my dream. Trip to California, sure. New York… tell me where to buy the tickets. But San Antonio? I’ve been there, done that… for the past 5 years!

So where do you dream of traveling? And… anyone need a traveling buddy?! I pack light!


12 Responses to "Travel Plans?"

Well, I guess you gotta think what’s easier to show and not. I mean, are you planning to be a tour guide? Or are you planning on being a fellow tourist. You’d know San Antonio, so even though it won’t be as fascinating for you, you might get some enjoyment from sharing stories and showing off where you lived. On the other hand, more fun might be had if all of you spend the time in New York as tourists for example. So it’s two different things.

To answer your other question, I have a big dream to travel. The oddest thing is that I can actually afford it right now, and it’s reasonably do-able, but not totally … the right time. If it were just up to me, I’d be boarding a plane tomorrow.

I guess I’m supposed to be tour guide but still… maybe driving to the beach would be more fun? Shorter drive too… 3 hours each way is too long of a drive for a day trip.

That’s cool that you could do it if you wanted to though… you should go for it! Hopefully it’ll be the right time soon… think of the pictures!

I’m dying to travel, but since I started a new job and have a six month probationary period, I won’t be going anywhere until at least the end of the year.

Which, unfortunately, means I will not be celebrating my 27th birthday at Disneyland.

Aw bummer, that would be a fun way to celebrate your birthday! 😦 Maybe for your 28th?

I know how you feel although I don’t think I’d mind living in San Antonio lol. Where I live it’s supposed to be raining for the next 5 days 😦 The funny thing Is the whole year I was looking forward to the summer.

Ah yes, when I move to Houston it’ll be raining a lot. Hopefully the skies will clear up for you and you’ll get to enjoy the sun and summer!

I’m definitely going SOMEWHERE this summer! My plan is to go to the Middle East to study Arabic for the summer. Still working on the details though.

Oh wow, that’s so awesome! I hope it all works out!!

Italy is my dream destination. someday. If you travel up here to the New England area, I would be glad to give you a tour of the area. I have friends I could put you up with too!

Oooh, I’ll definitely have to keep that in mind… have never been in that part of the states and have always wanted to go…

My family are from Sicily, a few generations back, and I’m toying with the idea of going on a “finding our roots” trip with my brother and sister next year. At the moment, I’m looking forward to a few weekends in England coming up (NB readers: I am from Scotland so this isn’t a big deal!!) as well as my big US holiday (Philadelphia/Tennesee/Ohio) in September.

Oh wow, so many opportunities! I’m so jealous!!

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