Kids these days…

Posted on: May 29, 2009

Maybe it’s just because I was a relatively good kid… or maybe it is because I went to a private school.. but these kids that I work with just amaze me. And I don’t mean in a good way. They really floor me.

Today I had a student glare at me multiple times during the day, ignoring me when I talked to her. Another student (not in my class) refused to come into his teacher’s classroom, standing out in the hallway until an administrator came. Another student (in a different classroom) threw a horrible fit when the teacher corrected him, screaming in her face, crying hysterically and kicking and hitting her. But the real kicker… yesterday, another student (not in my class anymore, but he used to be) decided that he didn’t want to go to the bathroom IN the bathroom and whipped it out in the outside hallway, peeing on the trashcan. In front of a little girl.

These are 6 year olds that I’m talking about. 6 years old. I know I don’t have kids of my own so I can’t really speak much about kids but… my word, this is ridiculous. These children (and so many others) are spoiled, they tell their parents what to do, they tell their parents no and question their actions… and the parents are too… something! to do anything about it. Which of course leads to similar behavior in the classroom and I’m sorry but that’s not right.

It’s exhausting. I’ve taught 4 years and 4 different grade levels (in 2 different schools) and this year has been the worst. I have never met any children like this. I’m honestly afraid for what next year will bring… I’m hoping I get into a good school with good (or somewhat good) kids.. and an administration that will HELP take care of these kids.

Oh and in other news… today after work I went out for drinks with some co-workers. Not really a big deal, even if you take into consideration that I usually don’t go out all that much… but the exciting part was that right across the street is a outdoor track. Track might be the wrong word, but a place that is open to the public, where I could walk or jog. I’m hoping to start going, it looks nice and very popular… it could be a start!


16 Responses to "Kids these days…"

I’ve worked in private schools and public schools, and I’ve liked the public schools the best. The kids were the sweetest and best behaved there.

Mmm, when I worked in a public school the kids were okay… I’m at a charter school right now and the kids are… ummm… yeah. See the post, lol.

Only 5 more days! I hope they don’t proportionately lose their little minds over this time. You know…20% at a time. :0) My sister is a bus driver and says it happens every year.

Happy weekend!

Ha ha, well you’re sister is right… although mine have lost their minds since the start of May. Or maybe it was the end of December?

I have alot of respect for you and your profession. It’s sad that children act like that, but you’re right…it is the parents who are responsible for their behavior. That is why I will never have kids. I don’t want to be responsible for messing up another human being!!

Aw thanks. And yeah you’re right, it is mainly the parents that are responsible… they choose not to be.

Also, why I won’t go back to school bus driving. Michigan has a law that prohibits school bus drivers from getting “malpractice” insurance.

I don’t understand kids these days either. Do you suppose the urinating boy was acting out because he was pulled from your classroom?

A little boy came up to my hubby the other day and told him he was big. Well, as if he didn’t know it and it had to be pointed out. He was on a motorized cart because it’s too painful to walk around Sam’s Club. That’s why he’s having the weight loss surgery two weeks from today.

Good luck on your new school.

You used to drive the school bus? Wow, that’s one job that makes me really nervous – I always admire school bus drivers for how much they have to deal with. Talk about stressful!

Um, not sure what was up with that boy. He hasn’t been in my room for maybe a month now? Mom pulled him from my room because she thought I was the reason he kept getting sent to the office – when in fact, I didn’t really have any problems with him, he would get in trouble outside the classroom.

Ugh I hate when kids do those kinds of things. I’ve had two in the past month pat my tummy. Thanks, that makes me feel good.

And ha, still have to find a new school! But thank you!

Things can only get better next year lol. It’s the parents fault. I’m sure your next school will be better.

I hope you’re right… and I hope I find a next school!

My eyes just popped out of my head reading about those wonderful children!!! OMG!! My mom and I say it all the time though…kids these days are spoiled rotten —- literally! Parents are to permissive and I suppose afraid to yell at their children…let me say I have no problem yelling!!! Thankfully my kids know this so generally when we are in public the behave accordingly. Now at home they give me a run for my money but I would rather that then the reverse! Those kids you speak of are going to grow up not knowing the meaning of respect (among other things) and that is the problem with people these days!

Your mom and you are totally right – kids are really spoiled rotten! My mom says that parents just find it easier to cater their kids and to not yell or discipline… I swear, when I have kids I will NOT be afraid to discipline them!

unbelievable, but what it all comes down to is the lack of discipline these kids receive at home. If there were consequences for disobedience (like a spanking!) administered immediately after a disobedient act, children’s behavior would change. they must be taught to respect those in authority also, and if mom and dad let them run all over them, then of course they will do the same to anyone else they come in contact with!

You’re totally right. Unfortunately the parents, for whatever reason, really don’t discipline these kids. Ugh.

My mum works in a school for kids with special educational needs – they’re mainly from troubled backgrounds and have severe behavioural difficulties. The stories she tells…! but she says that ultimately, getting through to the children is so rewarding.

Yeah your mom is right… I’ve seen my kids make a lot of progress this year and it really helps… but still!

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