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Posted on: June 1, 2009

152/365 – bubbles!

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So far June is shaping up to be pretty good. Knock on wood, cuz I don’t want to jinx it, you know. But let’s see… next week I get to see Coldplay, and next weekend I get to watch Wicked (I think next weekend… we’re still deciding). I just learned about the McNay Art Museum here in town, and since it’s free on the 1st Sunday of every month, I’ve decided to go there this Sunday. Not sure what I’ll do Saturday though… maybe I’ll go back down to the Riverwalk. Or maybe I’ll go find the other 2 missions. Or the zoo… So many choices! I wonder what there will be to take pictures of when I move to Houston…

Anyway, what else will June bring? Well obviously my move to Houston the last weekend of the month, which I’m definitely not looking forward to… but it also brings the end of the school year, summer vacation, sleeping in and staying up late and going out… I’m getting excited. Hope it’s not a let down!

I have to talk about my bubble pictures. Today was bubble day at work, so the kids got to bring in bubbles and I took them outside 3 separate times to let them blow their bubbles. Of course I brought my camera along and they had fun, blowing them at me and trying to get me to take their picture, or a picture of their bubbles.

Meanwhile, I’d like to say that taking pictures of bubbles is hard! Very hard. So much to worry about – lighting, background, focus… plus the wind kept blowing the bubbles up and away. Or the kids would try to pop them from right under me. I got a few that I’m happy with though…

I thought this one was kind of neat, although I wish the background could have been different.

This one is pretty crisp but not too closeup, but I like the brick and the kid’s leg sticking out (which I didn’t crop, just ended up that way)

Ok this was almost my picture for today, I like the golden color of the bubble, and the reflection (refraction?) inside.

152/365 - bubbles!
But my 365 for today is definitely the best of all the pictures I took. 🙂


14 Responses to "So far…"

Gasp! You’re seeing Coldplay? *is jealous*

Yes!! Next week! Well, I hope so… I always think something this exciting is going to go wrong so I’m crossing my fingers. Hope it works out though!

It sounds like you’re gonna have a great time in June!! 🙂 I really like your bubble pictures too. Hmmm… I wanna go to Coldplay. 😦

Thanks… And yeah, minus the whole moving and saying goodbye to my friends.
I’m so excited about Coldplay!

Great bubble pictures!

Love your pick for your 365 shot – it turned out great! The colors and the reflection are awesome.
You’ll like the McNay, it is very pretty and peaceful. Be sure to check out the gardens – the main sculpture garden, the fountain and the japanese koi pond. And the patio in the center of the old part of the building is gorgeous, look for all the colorful tile.
Houston has some fantastic museums too – Houston Museum for Natural Science is my fav…they have a butterfly center. I also really enjoy the Rothko Chapel and the Menil! You’ll have lots of great photo ops.

I love the bubble pics….all the colors so awesome and I like the background because even though you were at “work” a fence and a tree is exactly what you would expect to see while blowing bubbles!

Wow, you’ve done really well on these pictures!

Maybe if you could borrow the bubble stuff from the school and have your own little photo op of your own in an area with a background more suitable to bubble shots?

If you havent already seen Wicked, Im sure you will love it. I saw it a few years ago, and would see it again in a second, really top notch songs and enough of a story to keep you engaged and actually listening! I know, I know…musical advice from a guy!

Hmm, what background do you think would be more suitable for bubble pics? It’s hard to blow bubbles for yourself, but I did but a bubble machine that I need to try out one day.

And ooh I’m really looking forward to Wicked!

1. I’m jealous that you get so many blog comments.
2. I uploaded that Driftwood song.
3. I love bubbles.

Don’t be jealous… Usually I’m lucky to get 1 comment. And I’ll go check out that song.

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