Riverwalk Museum Reach

Posted on: May 30, 2009

So I’ve been looking forward to today for a few weeks, as soon as I learned that today was the day they were opening the new part of the San Antonio Riverwalk, called Museum Reach (because, yeah, it reaches the museums).  I knew that I was going to take pictures of the Riverwalk at some point before I left town, I figured this would be perfect. I did NOT realize that the new part of the river is pretty long so I didn’t get to do the whole river… I’ll have to go back one day to get the older part.

Anyway, I had a great time. Everything was decorated and everyone was festive, the weather was great… the only thing is that it was hot. Very hot. Over 90 degrees. I was melting. I mean, they at least thought it through and had some little booths where they were passing out water and paper fans, but still… I got a slight sun burn… on the tops of my arms, stopping where my sleeves were. Yuck.

Oh and I did a LOT of walking… I guess that was what I was aiming for right, exercise? The new part of the river is 1.5 miles long and I did it in a loop, so that was 3 miles in itself. Plus I walked down and back part of the regular river. Not too shabby!

Okay, more pictures.. but first one piece of unrelated, good news: I was talking to a friend who I haven’t talked to in ages and I mentioned that Coldplay was coming to town in a few weeks. Right on the spot, he said we should go and so… we’re going! I’m excited!

I love how colorful everything looks… plus it just shows the gorgeous sky, the riverboat, and the Riverwalk.

End of the line...
Even though the Riverwalk continues past this point, this is where I stopped and turned around (at the Pearl Brewery).  I think it looks really gorgeous too.

In motion
These things (got a better word?) were pretty much everywhere and I loved them…  and I really like how the wind lifted up the ribbons here, especially with the metal as a background.

Coming up to the SAMA
Walking up to the San Antonio Museum of Art, I love how gorgeous this all looks, especially with the flower in front.

VFW Post.  I LOVE the colors here with those umbrellas, especially with the contrast of the old style building.  I couldn’t get a better shot for some reason and I’m disappointed because I love this.

Remember earlier this week I wanted a reflection picture?  THIS is the kind of picture I was looking for!


2 Responses to "Riverwalk Museum Reach"

Great pics!! I am loving all of the colors everywhere, the new buildings & the old. So neat. I wish we had cool stuff like this in AZ!!! Don’t forget aloe for the sunburn!!

Thank you! And I don’t know, I’ve seen some pretty amazing pictures taken in AZ!

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