Reflecting on reflections?

Posted on: May 27, 2009

I was driving to work this morning and it must have rained over night, because there were puddles everywhere. Every time I passed a puddle, I’d catch a glimpse of a reflection inside it – a building, or the sky – and I just wished I wasn’t running late so that I could stop and take a picture of it. Well, that and I wished the puddle wasn’t in the middle of the road so that I could take a picture of it, lol.

There’s just so many pictures waiting to be taken on the drive to work. This neighborhood I drive through has a house with the most beautiful purple flowers, and another house has a gorgeous magnolia tree… I’d love to take pictures of both of them but I’d feel embarassed to explain what I was doing if someone asked me about it. Not to mention, there’s never time to stop.

Anyway, after work I was driving home, trying to think of what to take a picture of and reflections popped into my head again. I drove around, looking for a nice, shiny building with lots of windows but I didn’t find any that reflected anything great. I took some default flower pictures in my apartment complex, nothing exciting and then, as I was walking away from the car I caught sight of this…

Maybe it’s nothing special. In fact, I’m sure it’s not. But I kind of just love how the sky looks in the window. I don’t know… it just struck me as a picture. So I made it one.

Oh and P.S. in dSLR news.. I’ve decided yes, I’m going for it. After making 2 donations to my dSLR fund yesterday (because I found myself wishing I had one) and 1 today, I’ve decided I should get one. I was talking to my co-workers today (who aren’t photography people at all, but they are sweet and like my pictures) and they think that I should totally go for it… and not to settle for a camera that I’m going to want to upgrade rather quickly. They think I should save up and get the camera that I want, that I’m not going to want to upgrade, even if it takes me that much longer. So… here goes!

Oh and if anyone wants to donate or knows anyone who wants to donate (yeah I’m not holding my breath), I’ve added a donate button to the right side of the side. :o)

One last thing – I’ve made the decision today to elimate sodas from my diet. I’ve been drinking too many and I bet they’re a good chunk of my recent tummy “issue” so starting today, I’m going to wean myself off them (and hopefully off Starbucks too)… my goal is to be done before I move.


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Again, remember (as everyone keeps saying over and over again) that once you get a dSLR body, you WILL keep upgrading it…but you won’t be doing it by buying a new camera, you’ll be doing it by adding on things like new glass, external flash (you quickly will decide that on-camera flash is useful only if you’re taking pictures at the DMV), tripods, bags (well, maybe that one is just me), etc, etc.

Not to scare you. But the good thing is, you’ll be doing these “upgrades” slowly over time…and upgrading exactly the little bit at a time that you want. It’s awesome.

Matt is “spot-on” in his assessment of continually adding to your gear. After a little over 2.5 years, I made a major upgrade to my camera body. But I’ve bought ‘fast glass’, so I won’t have any major investments coming up for a while, unless I add to my lighting. But I’ve had a few paying gigs, which helps to justify the expenses (and provides a write-off, too). And during this time, I’ve also bought a new P&S, and I’m contemplating upgrading *that* to the Olympus that will allow me to take it underwater. And the really good news is that eliminating sodas (and Starbucks, if you can), will help you build your dSLR fund even faster!

I’m always “seeing” pictures during my work commute, but I’m always cutting the time close, so no time to stop – it’s frustrating isn’t it? But go ahead and take the pictures in the neighborhoods – unless you’re trespassing, nobody will likely be too bent out of shape if you’re admiring their yard!

I agree with the comments above. The most important thing for now for a camera, would be the body. You’ll find that the attachments depend on that! 🙂 But imagine, the whole idea is that you get versatility, you’ll be able to get the lenses you want, and you don’t have to get them all at once. You can get a kit together, body, lens and maybe a 200 or 300 zoom. Or you can get yourself a tripod, or a wide-angle, or a remote, see? Lots of options. Hey, you can even buy a shadecloth for the car window, then you won’t get distracted with shiny reflections anymore. 😉

In terms of brands, I don’t know enough to say. But there are quite a few knowledgeable people on flickr.

About pics from the commute to work… tell me about it. In the last couple of days there’s been some sensational opportunities, but getting the camera out and pointing it at a bus in the middle of a crowded bus stop is a bit embarrassing. I am a chicken… an odd chicken.

And as I keep saying…anyone who claims anything Canon vs. Nikon other than personal preference, is full of crap. But realize that whichever one you choose…you’re kind of locking yourself in to that route – lenses you buy for your Canon won’t work on a Nikon. And if you start with a D90, but then later switch to a 40D, you’re screwed as well.

Of course, “Canikon” is not the only way to go, but it’s certainly the most popular and most mainstream. I’ve always shot Canon for video, so it was kind of a no-brainer for me to go that route with dSLR, as I have a Canon preference. I also liked the feel of the Rebel better than the comprable Nikon on that time, so that’s what I got. Now I know the Canon system, in terms of lenses, controls, flash, etc, so there’s really no way I could go Nikon at this point. Which doesn’t mean Canon is BETTER…it just turned out to be the right choice for me.

I highly recommend AGAINST choosing either brand based upon what someone on the internet tells you is “better”. Look carefully at the glass available in that mount (here’s a tip – pretty much any lens you get for Nikon you can find a comprable Canon lens, and vice versa). Take the different bodies for a spin. Look at how the two different manufacturers work their controls. This is a very PERSONAL decision, and honestly, the “opinion” of anyone on Flickr, DPreview, or anywhere else on the internet should be considered just that – an opinion.

Try out every camera you can, and buy the one that is best for ARI. 🙂

Definitely. The decision on which camera has a lot to do with feel. And you’re exactly right about most people having a preference for a brand because that’s the brand they use. In a way it’s understandable because it’s the path they’ve taken, so you don’t want to have to change all your setup for the sake of changing brand.

But yes, go have a look at cameras, hold the bodies, see how they fit your hand, see how you have to stretch your fingers to change settings, to change ISO, aperture, whatever. How easy is it to hold horizontal or vertical. How easy is it to change lenses, and what’s the range of lenses you can get. That’s something to note with some newer model cameras that won’t take same-brand/older-model lenses.

Here’s the personal opinion part: my camera is a Konica-Minolta Dynax 5D. It’s about 4 years old. I love it. There’s no KMs anymore. Sony bought KM’s photo division. The Sony Alphas are their replacement, but ‘apparently’ aren’t as good. I used to have a Canon AE-1 Program, back before you were born, probably, so that’s what I’d go for. Besides, following from the comment above, my brother has one, so we could potentially interchange accessories.


I’ll donate to yours if you donate to mine.:)

I thought I would throw my two cents on the pile! Ari, you know I have talked to you about Olympus before, and I think you said your father recommended it as well. Let me say this first: ALL of the cameras out there are good ones, and EVERY system offers advantages AND compromises. Never let anyone tell you one is better than the other. Canikon is the most popular, you will never be without peers, thats for sure! But dont forget about others, like Olympus, Sony, or Pentax.

Now let me tell you why Olympus is better 😛

Go for the feel, because this is the camera you will be holding A LOT…you should be comfortable with it.

But in my bid for Olympus, they truly offer the most bang for the buck in their bodies and lenses. They pioneered the first effective dust reduction system for sensors, and all of their SLRs have it. All of their current SLRs also have in-body image stabilization, so it will work with all lenses, you dont have to buy specific lenses that have it. On the topic of lenses, Olympus doesnt make bad lenses, period. From the kit lenses to their pro line, they are all top notch. The Zuiko name is synonymous with sharpness and quality.

I could go on, but just wanted to put the bug in your ear. If you want to know more about Olympus, I can tell you or point you in the direction of some resources.

Any way you go, Im sure it will be a blast!

I bought my first dslr back in Feb. and I already want to upgrade. It all depends on your budget, if 1,000 dollars is out of the question then an entry level dslr would fit you best. Like the D60. But if you can save long enough and 1,000 dollars isnt too crazy for a camera then I would buy a D90 or a the new D5000 or something in those lines they are not pro cameras but are advanced enough that you wont learn everything in a month and want to upgrade right away. Im in that boat right now and my budget just wont allow me to drop more money on a camera. I wish I would of taken up bowling or something not so expensive.

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