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Posted on: May 24, 2009

144/365 – randomness

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Ha ha, not intentional but it appears I watch a movie every Sunday lately. Well this Sunday was no exception, I went with my family to see Star Trek. Now I’m not really a Star Trek fan, but I grew up with it, my dad and brother were fans and I have memories of sitting on the living room floor with it on. The little communicator buttons they had on their shirts fascinated me, as did the way they transported themselves.

Anyway, I figured my dad would want to see it so on we went… I was hesitant but plenty of friends had told me that it was good so I was hoping to like it. And I did! I thought it was a good storyline, and an intriguing one at that… had a bit of comedy, which I always find almost necessary in movies. Plus I think my dad probably liked getting the back story of the characters he had known for years, while I was able to enjoy the story, even though I went in knowing very little about the characters or premise from the beginning. My only complaint was when the camera started shaking – I can’t stand movies that do that, as it makes me a bit motion-sick… luckily it wasn’t for a lot of the movie, but just small portions.

Oh and if you were wondering about the picture that accompanies this post… this is one of those pictures that stems from realizing it’s gone 9pm, I haven’t used the camera all day and I need to take my 365 picture within the next few hours. While I often find project 365 enjoyable, there are moments, like today, where I just find myself needing to take a picture for the sake of taking a picture… and obviously it’s not going to be good. I wish even my random pictures could be good but alas, I’m not there yet. Maybe one day.


7 Responses to "Weekly Movie Review…"

great review. I am a HUGE Trek fan, and HUGE JJ Abrams fan, so needless to say I was in heaven! I love the way JJ rebooted the entire series by changing the timeline. pure genius. And it was everything a summer movie should be!

You know, I didn’t realize that it was a reboot til I read about it and now I get it. My dad sees it as “they changed the whole series” and I tried to explain to him that no, they just rebooted it, to offer more possibilities. But he’s stubborn, lol.

I LOVED the movie and I think JJ Abrams did awesome with this! The young Kirk cracked me up. I was worried that I’d see the actor of Spock as Sylar but I didn’t… at all.

I’m so buying this when it comes out. lol

Ha ha, I liked young Spock. And yeah, I saw him as Sylar a little bit… but not a lot.

Completely loved Star Trek!!!

So, I might be a little out of it, but what’s a reboot?

It basically is a way of restarting the show. Since they used time travel, they altered the course of some of the character’s storylines… so that they can create whole new storylines for them.

Don’t worry, I hadn’t really heard of it til I read someone’s thoughts on the movie and they used the word.

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