Wedding #1

Posted on: May 24, 2009

143/365 – John & Sarah

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Maybe it’s my age but this year I’ve been invited to more weddings than years past. I’ve been invited to 3 weddings this year, I can only attend 2 (I’d love to attend the 3rd in England but finances… ).

Anyway, I was really hoping to take some good pictures at this wedding… I had already ideas in my mind of how fabulous they would look. Wow, I just could not live up to my expectations. At all. At both the ceremony and reception the lighting was poor so the flash was pretty much mandatory… and then the subject looks completely fake and wrong, in my opinion. Not to mention the seats I had made it impossible to see, much less take pictures… sigh.

Anyway, I’m sure part of it might be due to the limitations of my point & shoot camera (I was drooling over another wedding guest’s dSLR for the better part of the ceremony) and the rest might be the fact that I need to figure out how to take pictures under those circumstances.  I’m hoping to try to practice or something, wedding #2 is my cousin’s in August and I’d like to at least get some good shots of her this time!

Holy Rosary Church
Holy Rosary Church

I loved these arches

Courtyard inside church
The courtyard inside the church

Where the reception took place
Where the reception was held (name to come)

Flowers on the piano
Flowers and candles on the piano

The cakes
The cakes

143/365 - John & Sarah
One of the few pics I’m semi-proud of – the table setting


2 Responses to "Wedding #1"

These are great photos. I like the colour tones we get when we don’t use a flash in low-light situations. With a point-and-shoot, you could force it to an ISO of 400 or even 800. Images will be more grainy, but you might be able to eliminate a bit of the blurriness. Now, I think your camera has more settings available to you than what mine does. So the best thing is to have a go. Take photos at home in low light, try things out. You don’t even have to smile! 🙂
By the way, I really like this last photo. (I haven’t been to flickr, sorry).

Yeah, see I like the color tones here too… And omg, I should show you the pics that I had to use the flash at the wedding – the ISO was 800 and it is just pure noise and grain! Ugh!

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