In Houston for the weekend…

Posted on: May 23, 2009


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Mini update because I’m about to head out and even though I haven’t taken any pictures yet (pic to the left was taken a few weeks ago), I’m heading to a wedding so I’m hoping to get my 365 shot there.  I probably won’t be able to post it til tomorrow though, hence the mini update post now.

I was making the 3 hour drive to Houston this morning and was thinking… this is the last time that this drive will be round-trip. The next time I make the drive to Houston, it will be with everything I own, as it will be me moving to Houston. Wow.

After the drive, I got my hair cut – just a trim and some bangs (and seriously, hairdressers never listen to what I say and *always* screw up my bangs). The main problem I had was the hairdresser next to me. This was at the salon my mom frequents and the hairdresser recognized me in relation to my mom, states a few facts about me and then goes, “you’re 15 right?”. Really? Really I look 15? The hairdresser on the other side decides to guess… I told her to guess older so she guesses 20. Well, I’d rather take 20 than 15… but seriously, 15?? That’s 12 years off from my real age!

Ugh. There better be champagne at this wedding. Although I bet they won’t think I’m old enough for it.

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7 Responses to "In Houston for the weekend…"

15! Oh my gosh I am cracking up! I WISH I had that problem. I more than look my age since having Bradley. I swear it aged me… the hormone change or something. Sucks too. I USED to look younger. Maybe it is the water here…. ugh.

I hope you enjoy the wedding…

Ha ha, the water… send me some? Just a little, to help me look legal!

Ha ha ha….ya isn’t that great! Use to happen to me all the time…now not so much, and don’t you hate when people say…”oh someday you will appreciate looking young for your age” ya ya …blah blah….WHATEVER!!!

Yes, I hear that (someday you’ll appreciate it) ALL THE TIME. Okay, well then tell me that later, when I appreciate it… not now!

This flower is actually a type of dianthus. You don’t normally see the red ones. Very nice. 🙂

Oh thanks for the information, I appreciate it!

No wonder she didn’t listen to you, if she thought you were 15.. You do look young, Ari – especially from my point of view – but you don’t look 15.. Clearly, you are a young woman – not a girl…

I had a hairdresser that reached up and trimmed off part of my eyebrows one time before I could open my mouth.. She “had a thing about eyebrows”.. Great lady – but those were MINE… (lol)

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