I scream…

Posted on: May 22, 2009

Don’t we all scream for ice cream? Okay well I had one relationship where my (now) ex was not really into ice cream. I couldn’t understand it… how can you NOT like ice cream?  The relationship obviously didn’t work out, although I don’t think the ice cream was really a factor.

I’ve been thinking a lot about starting to exercise when I move next month. I’m sure the majority of you people aren’t lazy like me and actually exercise… I’ve just never known what I would like to do. I’m not really a big runner, although maybe I could be with the right music on my iPod… but I’ve never had a place where I *could* run. I never had money for a gym and besides that, I wouldn’t know *what* to do at the gym. Not to mention I never have time during the week – I get done with work at 6pm, start getting ready for bed at 9pm… and I’m sorry but I just CAN’T wake up early to work out.

But anyway, I’ve decided. When I move, I’ll have extra cash for a change so I could maybe join a gym, there’s a good one by my parent’s house. Or I could maybe even jog around the neighborhood since it would be safe. And hopefully I’ll be at a school district where I won’t have to work after school care, and therefore I’ll have time to work out.

Anything to get people to quit commenting on my tummy (I’m not fond of it these days either). Although I’m not so sure about giving up my ice cream. That might be where I draw the line.


14 Responses to "I scream…"

If you can begin the habit of regular exercise at your age, it will stand you in good stead for many, many years. I’m an on-again, off-again exerciser, currently in an “off” phase. But being 50 means it’s even more important that I get off my arse. Good luck.

Yeah I can see how starting now could help me in the long run. Hopefully I’ll get my act together!

If you have a little extra cash, you should totally try joining a gym where they have classes – that’s what I do when I can. That way, you can have some variety (yoga…tai chi…weight training…cycling) to find what you like, but you’ll still be in a group of other people, and trust me, there’s safety in numbers at a gym!

That’s a good idea, although I’ll still be all embarassed or something silly, about going in. Wish I had someone that would go with me, at least a few times…

You’re not alone! There’s another lazy guy writing this comment who can’t wake up to exercise! 😀

You can try cycling if you like it!

Btw, it was for the first time today, that I could visit your blog. Something’s wrong with my connection. If I type in just, it simply times-out! Redirection from your Twitter feed helped today, I guess.

Ha ha, glad I’m not alone… and hmm, good suggestion.

That’s strange that it would time out! I’d say I’d look into it but I have no idea how..

If there are some quiet roads or trails near you, why not give cycling a go. Fairly cheap to get started and easier to pace yourself than with running. Just avoid the big hills to begin with.

Hmmm… yeah I think that could be an idea. There’s the bayou right near my parents house and some trails around there… I forgot about that.

Ok so I am totally in the minority and I am an AM exerciser. Up at 5am for my workouts. I like the eliptical trainer at the gym. It gives me a decent workout while I can also chill out to some tunes on my Ipod. I feel like my time on the eliptical gets me very centered and focused for the day. I don’t like classes in the AM because at 5am I really don’t want to be around other people. lol!

The one class I have found that I love is yoga. The confusing thing with yoga though it that there are so many different styles. There’s the very meditative and stress relieving type yoga where you barely move, and then there’s the get your heart rate up and get your body moving yoga, and there’s also every variation in between. It’s important to find the yoga style that’s right for you.

Anyway, it’s great that you want to start doing something! I can’t wait to hear what you find that works for you. 🙂

Ha ha, yeah I could never get up at 5am. Never. I can barely get up at 6 for work!

I always wanted to do yoga but I wanted to do the stress relieving type… which won’t really help with my tummy. I’m still going to look into it though.. my brother started it (he has a friend who is a teacher) and really likes it.

I take 3 different classes at my gym and have found that is the only way for me to go. I hate trying to lift weights and play with the machines on my own. It’s too much of a pain and too much thinking involved.

I take a strictly cardio class, which is actually Hip Hop and is one of the most fun classes ever! Then, I take a Strictly Strength class on Sundays, where we use all our muscle groups in an hour. Last but not least, the most killer class is a Total Conditioning class where major cardio and strength exercises are combined for 70 minutes. It is killer! But I love it b/c I don’t have to do any thinking, the routines are set for me, and all I have to do is show up.

Wow 3 classes, that seems like a lot! Hip Hop sounds like fun, I want to try that!

I love ice cream! I think you and I would be fantastic friends.:)

Hee hee, I’m sure of it!

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