I love spring…

Posted on: May 21, 2009

Well, I love this part of spring… the rare days where the weather is just right… and by that I mean not ridiculously humid and hot, like most Texas days are. Which should be right around the corner.

Today I found myself getting really frustrated with a math lesson. We’ve finished the kindergarten curriculum and are working on a “step up to first grade” part, which, suffice it to say, is quite a bit harder for them. After struggling our way through it, I got the kids to line up and we sat against the wall outside my classroom, just looking at the flowers in the garden. When I had calmed myself down (I was seriously frustrated!), I read a story to them while we were outside and then I let them wander around the garden while I snapped a few shots.

Originally my 365 for today...On the railing right outside my door.

Love this lighting...

Natural lighting – shadows caused by the tree above.

Not a bad way to salvage the rest of the day. I’m just not looking forward to tomorrow’s lesson!


8 Responses to "I love spring…"

What was the math lesson about? I always found math to be frustrating. It’s so developmental, and I feel like the standards want us to teach things the kids just aren’t ready for sometimes. Sorry to hear you were pulling your hair out! Tomorrow is another day, right?

Well usually I enjoy teaching math but this time it was… ugh. It was something like… there are 6 bones in all (some are hidden). You see 2 bones. How many bones are hiding?

Which is all well and good except it was slightly over their heads because they’re still working on addition, much less subtraction… and subtraction without manipulatives.

I kept trying to figure out how to best explain it, I was trying them to count and draw and cross out… eventually I just pulled out cubes and we worked it like that. And they STILL had trouble.

I worry they’re not ready for 1st grade!

Wow, yeah story problem can be hard!!! When I taught first grade I had a book of story problems called “Read It, Draw It, Solve It” I LOVED that book. We did 1 page per day and it really started to click for most of them after awhile. But it took a LOOOOONG time. Again though I totally reccommend the book. You should look it up.

Oooh sounds like a good book, if I teach 1st or up I’ll look into it.

When I taught second I had a word problem a day book.. it was good to get them used to it, especially since in 3rd grade they do a lot of them. But in Kinder? It’s a bit harder for them!

I don’t quite know what a URL is sooo… I like looking at your blog, it’s 1:30 am and am messing up spelling big time. I remember when Kindergarten was basically play and naptime. Not now. I’m surprised by all the things going on in my grandson, Seth’s, classroom. He can read and add, wow. He has a wonderful teacher. You should look in my photostream in the sets under Seth’s party, Halloween. There’s several of Mrs Alverez there. I love her dice costume and her teacher friend down the hall came as one also so they could be a pair of dice. I got into Seth’s classroom a couple of times this year. My daughter had to work and asked me to go video different things for her and her hubby to watch. It’s so much more fun being grandma than mama. Being mama is such a responsibility, now I just have fun which is probably what I should have done in the first place as a mama.

My grandsons get out of school on June 5 this year. Then I get them 3 days a week as babysitter, let the good times roll!!

I know, I kind of think that while it’s great that kids are learning so much so young, I think they also need time to play and nap and be a kid… kind of a shame. And that dice costume is awesome!! And oh that classroom has those letters on the fish – I have those!

Oooh, we get out on the 5th too… enjoy spending the summer with your grandsons! Grandparents have the best job!

love those pictures…beautiful!

when I attempted to go to college about 6 years ago…I was going for secondary ed….I know I would never ever have the patience to teach little ones…I love them but can only take large groups of them in small doses!!

Ha ha, they can be sweet and they do have their moments… but yeah, large groups of them can be exhausting!

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