5 years ago…

Posted on: May 15, 2009

5 years ago I moved here, to San Antonio.  I’d visited MANY times before (my brother and I once counted that we’d been to the Alamo 11 times) for day or weekend trips but never thought about living here, until I got a job. I expected to stay for maybe 2 or 3 years tops, never 5.

And as you probably know already, at the end of next month I’m planning on leaving San Antonio and moving back in with my parents, for who knows how long. Lately I’ve been pretty sad about leaving… I really like this city. I like that I actually can find my way around, I like the quarry-like feel to some parts of the town, I absolutely love The Shops at La Cantera. I really love my apartment, I’ll be sad to say goodbye to it.  Granted, there are some crummy memories attached to this place but we don’t need to go there…

Anyway, I’ve been trying to explore San Antonio on the weekends while I still can and I found an excellent webpage to help me pick out free places to take pictures. I’m thinking the Riverwalk and the Alamo will be done after school is over, so I can go during on a weekday, when it should be less crowded. But I can’t decide where I want to go this weekend.

I can go to 2 of the other Missions… but since I went to the first 2 last weekend, maybe that can wait a bit longer. The webpage mentions Southtown, which I’ve never heard of… but it sounds like it could be neat? Or maybe HemisFair Park, which I haven’t been to in ages, but I know it has plenty of photo opportunities…  Care to offer your suggestions?  Leave them in the comments, I’d love it!

Oh and I HAVE to link to Matt’s blog post from today… and if you go check it out, you’ll see why! :o)


4 Responses to "5 years ago…"

I’d go to the other Missions 🙂

Go to SouthTown. Visit someplace you’ve never been!

san pedro park, or umm.. THE ZOO!

friggin love the zoo

I went to San Pedro park last month… and I went to the Houston zoo last month too, so I figure I’ll wait a while before I hit up the San Antonio zoo, ya know?

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