Another day…

Posted on: May 12, 2009

So that student got moved out of my classroom today… apparently the parent had requested a specific teacher (the one next to me) and so this morning she was moved. And it was so interesting… my student (or should I say, former student now) kept giving me the strangest looks today when I saw her in the morning. Almost as if she looked guilty. I really wonder what she was thinking about. Anyway, it looks like the door is closed on that story and student. What a relief.

Beyond that, it was the usual. The lead teachers had a training session to go to and since the school doesn’t have the funds to hire substitutes (we have one permanent sub and that’s it), they just split the kids up amongst the other teachers. Which meant I got an additional 5 students. It wasn’t too bad, the kids were well behaved… but there was ANOTHER teacher out in my grade level. Which we had known beforehand… but I was shocked when I asked if the permanent sub would be in her room and was told “oh only if no one else is out sick.”

So that meant that if someone else in a different grade level would have been out, they would’ve split up both kinder classes and I would have ended up with an extra 10+ students? I’m sorry, that is just wrong on so many levels. Luckily it didn’t come to that… but I shudder to think of it. That’s just dangerous.


1 Response to "Another day…"

Yikes! That’s crazy that they don’t pay for subs.

Hope tomorrow is less crazy for ya!

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