So I made myself sick about nothing…

Posted on: May 11, 2009

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I seriously was stressing about the parent incident from Friday all weekend long. Honestly. This morning I woke up, with a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach, not looking forward to the day. I really thought that the parents would be waiting for me first thing in the morning, would stay with me for the first hour, until the kids have PE and then would want a conference with me.

However, that was not what happened at all. First of all, I talked to the vice principal first thing in the morning and he told me that they were just going to move her out of my room on Tuesday. He also said that if the parents did try to conference with me (and he didn’t think they would try), that he would intercept them.. at the very least, I did not want to conference with them alone. And as it was, the dad didn’t say a word to me when he dropped her off. So okay.

Unfortunately, either my morning coffee didn’t agree with me, I caught a stomach bug or I REALLY stressed myself out… but I was sick all morning. I ended up taking a half day and leaving work early, because I just couldn’t stay at work sick. It needed to be done though, I got home, took a nap and then rested on the couch and I feel a bit better. Not 100% but probably by tomorrow, I’ll be fine.

So that was it. All that stress for nothing. I’m such a mess!


2 Responses to "So I made myself sick about nothing…"

The only thing in your control is how you choose to react. Next time something starts to stress you out, ask yourself, do I *really* want to use my energy in this fashion – worrying about something over which I have no control?


You’re definitely right, I should have been more logical. To be honest, I did try not to stress about it but I couldn’t help myself…

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