Another trip…

Posted on: May 9, 2009

I decided last night that I wanted to get out of the house again this weekend and take pictures, like I did last weekend with the Japanese Tea Gardens. I had heard about the San Antonio Missions before and when I went online, they looked gorgeous so today I made the trip to two of them: Mission Concepcion and Mission San Jose.

Mission Concepcion was first and I got so excited when I saw it.  I was on the phone with my friend Nik and just had to hang up on her so I could fully take it in and start taking pictures.  I just adore the architecture and the feel of it all.


I spent quite a bit of time (and took quite a lot of pictures) there, even though it was really hot.

Love this little hallway
I love the arches in this hallway… although I had to frame it to make sure the large trash can wasn’t in the picture!

After that, I drove to Mission San Jose (which was only 3 miles away), and oh my.  Mission San Jose was a complete, walled community… it was simply massive.  I didn’t get to explore the whole place because I was way too hot and dehydrated, but what I did see what amazingly beautiful:
Walking up

Love this
I LOVE these arches… the symmetry, I think, appeals to me.

I’m thinking about visiting the other 2 missions… there are 5 in all, the most well-known being the Alamo (which I’ve already taken pictures of but I might try to go back sometime).  I’m also trying to think of what else I ought to take pictures of before I leave San Antonio… if you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments!


6 Responses to "Another trip…"

great shots! I enjoyed looking thru them all on your flickr feed!

Thanks for checking them out!

really well done 😉 I love getting out taking pics..exploring…, Ive done it every weekend…. coming up on a year. Its really great to do. I really enjoyed these, thanks for sharing 🙂

Wow, that’s cool. I hope I can continue exploring… both San Antonio and, when I move, Houston. As far as I can tell, there’s so much to see… and luckily most of it only costs in gas money.

Wonderful! I’ve never been to the missions in TX, but have visited a couple in CA. They are so peaceful and very photogenic.

Oh yes, I read that there were some in California! And yes, I agree with you 100% – definitely peaceful and photogenic. If it weren’t 90+ degrees and Texas humidity, I would’ve liked to stay longer.

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