Wake me from the nightmare…

Posted on: May 8, 2009

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So I was telling myself I wouldn’t discuss this on the blog, that I just need to let it go. But it’s getting to me. It’s been getting to me all day and I can’t let it go. So I’m going to *briefly* mention it… and then hopefully never mention it again. Okay that’s a lie, this story will probably have some form of ending on Monday so it’ll have to get brought up then.

A parent of one of my students came up to me today, just randomly checking in on her child. She has issues with a lot of things in the classroom concerning her child and, without going into details… proceeded to attack me about them. I was caught completely off guard and I can’t stand that, not to mention the fact that no matter what I tell this mother, she’s not going to be happy with what I say.

After meeting with me, she went to talk to the principal about it and unfortunately, I did not get a chance to speak to the principal at all today – which kind of bothered me, I would have liked to talk to her about it, get her opinion and see how she feels about this. But the last thing I heard was that 1. the parent had decided there was going to be a parent-teacher conference on Monday (um, thanks for telling ME about this) and 2. the parent wants the child moved out of my class.

I used to take it personally when parents wanted their children out of my class… but I get it now. Occasionally, for a variety of reasons, personalities clash – whether it is between the parent and the teacher, or the student and the teacher. However. There are now 19 days left of school. Is it really going to help this child to move her now?

Not to mention, classrooms are pretty full. If I get a child moved out of my room, then that means I’m going to end up having a different child moved *into* my room. That makes me nervous.

Well. There’s nothing I can do right now. I am letting it go… for the weekend. I shudder to think what Monday will bring but for now, I’m going to take a long bubble bath and not think on it.


11 Responses to "Wake me from the nightmare…"

Well, that just sucks. But like you said, it happens, especially when you’re dealing with so many personalities in the classrooms, plus their parents’ personalities. I know pretty much first hand what parents are like when it comes to this.
Besides, there are two things you can do about it throughout the weekend, 1. sweet, and 2. f$*# all. So instead, rely on those instincts of yours. Also trust your principal. It’s surely not the first time they’ve dealt with parents, it’s not the first time you’ve dealt with parents. Parents tend to think their ‘issue’ is super special. Don’t think of the thing on Monday as a bad thing, it’s actually your chance to find out what the parent is going on about, and for you to put your side forward.

And, Smells, that pic (not the kiwi fruit one), is the perfect complement to this. You should so embrace it so much more. I hate it how you don’t give yourself enough credit. Mate, the proof is in the pudding!!

Yeah actually a co-worker and I were discussing how the principal probably handles this type of thing on such a regular basis that that’s why she didn’t come talk to me about it.

Some parents are just stupid, who would think It’s a good idea to take the child out of the class when It’s the end of year? I wouldn’t take it personally she is probably like that with everyone.

Thanks… I’m sure you’re right.

Hey girl, I was reading your tweets all day and really feeling for you. I know all of us teachers have been in your shoes before. It’s hard NOT to take it personally. And I can imagine how frustrating it was to a) be taken off guard and not have that parent meeting pre-schedule and b) have that parent go over your head and rant to the principal. I know you are feeling really unsettled, sucks that this happened on a Friday. Try to enjoy the weekend, relax a bit, maybe email the principal and ask if you can speak to her briefly on Mon. morning before the parent conference?

Oh and btw…I agree with 19 days of school left I think it would not make much sense to move the child. If she had concerns she should have been making them know much earlier in the year!!

You’re right, good idea, I’ll email the principal. And yeah, good point.

Oh, this would really bother me too… and to have to stew in it all weekend is so not fair. Just remember that this woman has her own issues and problems and whatnot, and try really hard not to take it personally. I could never do what you do, and have the greatest admiration for anybody strong enough to be a teacher. Think of the students (and parents) who do value and appreciate you and the hard work you do, and try not to give too much creedence to this one bad apple. Good luck on Monday, and try to forget about it until then.

I think that’s most of the problem, that I was forced to stew in it all weekend (and that, unfortunately, I HAVE stewed in it for most of my weekend).

Thanks for the luck, looks like I’ll need it!

Some parents will never be happy. Just let it go and know in 19 days you will be done with the bitch…

Yes, but it’s still 19 days!

I’m catching up on your posts. I saw the title of the latest and figured I better back track a little first. First of you made an awesome point…19 days left of school and not only are you going to disrupt your own child but another child as well…what is that parent going to think…that is totally screwed up. Why would you go almost an entire school year….WOW…I’ll say it that parent is an idiot!

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