Light out of darkness…

Posted on: May 7, 2009

Well, first of all, I have to thank all of you for your book suggestions. I didn’t get to pick a new book today but I will definitely get one this weekend. And now I have so many choices, I’m so excited!

20 days left of classes. Wow. Today I had to deal with this: one of my students, in the middle of our test, started complaining of a headache. It happens, he didn’t look like he felt well, so I sent him to the nurse after the test was over. His mom came to pick him up, okay no problem.

A few hours later I get an email from his mother, asking if I had any idea as to what happened to her son? She said, he had told her a few stories and then eventually said that he had fallen on his face in the classroom.

Ummmm… no. No he did not fall in the classroom. At all. And definitely not on his face. I would have noticed, the kids would have noticed… and he would’ve said. Not to mention I talked to the nurse and she had even asked him if he had hit his head and he said no.

Why can’t kids just be honest? Now it looks like I’ve neglected her child, by letting him fall on his face in the room, and that I didn’t even tell her… sigh.

Speaking of headaches, I’ve had a weird headache since this morning. Around 8am I noticed that right behind my right eye, it hurts. Then it moved to include my right temple. Then for a while, it took over my headache… I took some medicine and now it’s just back behind my eye again. To say I’m a bit concerned is putting it lightly. Usually my headaches are on the other side of my head, and not related to my eye.


7 Responses to "Light out of darkness…"

I get headaches like that. It think my doc said it was eye strain. When’s the last time you had a vision exam? Were you looking at a computer for awhile or something else?

Don’t read into what the kid is saying too much. Children lie…. is this the one kid we spoke of before that is an only child and causes issues frequently?

I had a vision exam a year ago (incidentally, I got a reminder that it had been a year since my last exam… today). And nope, no more than usual!

Um… I’m not sure. Possibly.

Sorry to hear about your headache…This time of year I can get them as well, but mine are sinus related. I mention that because mine always feel like they are behind the eyes. I dont know, but I know that no matter what kind of headache, sleep always is the best cure!

Also, a bummer about your student, but children can be like that at times, Im sure you have nothing to worry about!

Hmm, I was wondering if it was sinus related. It’s still behind my right eye so it’s either sinus related or eye related. Wish sleep would come easily so that I could GET that cure!

oh sheesh. teaching seems so so so stressful, you clearly have the patience of a saint!!!
About your headache, do you wear glasses? Usually right before I need a new prescription I’ll get headaches *exactly* like that! It’s usually eye strain!!!

Ha ha, if anything I’m seriously lacking in patience lately… I need to find some more! And no, I don’t wear glasses but maybe it is eye strain. It mainly hurts when I look around… like I pulled a muscle in my eye, lol!

It could be eye-related. Good to get your check-up every year. Especially if you work with fancy geek devices all the time.
But seriously, maybe you just need to drink more water. Maybe it’s a sinus thing, of course. Blow your nose, woman! 🙂
And… book? what book? Am I meant to read these in order?

And… and… I’m waiting for you to have a sidebar called “[not so good blogs]” so you can put mine on the list. 🙂

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