apple for the teacher?

Posted on: May 5, 2009

I’ll admit it. I’m freaking out on the inside. A lot. About finding a job, that is. I’ve been at this school district for 3 years and each spring/summer I did what a good job hunter is supposed to do – I filled out online applications, I attended job fairs, I left my resume… and the calls just would not come. Very disheartening. My co-workers and I decided it was due to us working at a charter school… often times that doesn’t get the same respect as working at a public school.

But this time, this time I’m moving to Houston. Not getting a job is NOT an option. Yes, I’m fortunate enough to have my family to live with – but I still have bills to pay… and a dSLR camera in my dreams savings to build. I need to get a teaching job.

I have applied to two school districts so far, am trying to think which other districts I should apply to. I have applied to every job opening pertinent to me on one district, through their convenient website.  As for the other school district – today I emailed 9 principals about the job listings posted on their school district website. I heard back from 1… who informed me that the position was pending an offer (which I already knew) but that she would keep my resume on file.

The sad thing is… now I’m almost terrified to check my email, my heart stops a little when my phone rings. Because while I DO want a job… the next step is a job interview. And while I’ve done job interviews for summer jobs and my most recent retail job… this is different. This is more important. SO much more important. Gulp.

In other news I just got a notice that one of my credit cards got it’s limit raised, because of my “outstanding credit management”. This comes only a few months after a *different* credit card did the same thing to me. Man, credit cards are so evil!


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I am sure its scary, but it’s probably an excellent step for you too. I am sure you are an awesome teacher, and the right job will come along.
as for the credit cards, I would tell them thanks, but no thanks on raising your credit limit. They are much to tempting to dip into! good luck on your job search!

Yes, I’m sure it’ll be an excellent opportunity. I hope it works out!

And yeah, the only good thing about them raising my limit is that it looks like I have more credit available, so my credit available to credit used ratio is better. I’ve been determined to pay off my cards and haven’t touched them at all this year… they can’t tempt me!

As a teacher and resume writer, I will tell you that the most important aspect to getting an interview is follow up. It’s not good enough to have your resume posted on the website, also send a hard copy to the principal or call the principal directly and reiterate your interest for working at that particular school.

Also, have a resume writer look at your resume to see if any changes can be made to get you better results. I’ve helped several teachers throughout New York get new jobs even during this economic crisis period.

You know, I was just discussing to another teacher the other day, about how I felt that the reason we didn’t have a job is because we didn’t follow through enough. My concern, though, has always been worrying about the difference between following through… and bothering the principals too much. You know?

But thank you, another co-worker was suggesting I send a hard copy to the principals so I will definitely do that. As for calling… I always am concerned that the secretary won’t let me get through?

Well, I hope you aren’t giving up on the DSLR…that’d be no good at all…

Second, and most important, good luck! I can’t imagine how stressed you must be about it. Hopefully something excellent will come along very soon:)

And yeah the credit card companies are of the devil…I’m almost paid off and down to only 3 (only 1 with a balance).

Ha ha, haven’t given up on it yet… but sadly I don’t think the dslr can be priority number one.

And thanks… and congrats on almost paying off!

I have been told I have an exceptionally well laid out resume…no I am not bragging, but offer this up to anyone who is a friend anytime they have a resume for a job. Send me the one you have and I can help you out with it! When I interviewed for jobs here in my district and state, I was told by several principals that my resume is what got them interested.

I can help you with a bunch more too if you’d like. I went through the same thing when I graduated and had no job experience…which was pretty much required to get a teaching job in Southern CA at the time. It was one of those, you had to know someone or have full-time experience. Let me know!

Oooh will email you my resume at the email address you put here. Thanks! Yes, anything you can do to help would be appreciated!

Well I wish you the best of luck… Friend of mine emigrated to the UK in November, and took 5 months to find a job (although I wouldnt take that as much of an indication for you since he is in financial services)

Times of disruption are also the times of greatest opportunity, so keep your chin up and you will be fine. As for the nerves, they pass with experience. I was advised to go for interviews even if i didnt want the jobs just for the experience.

Good work on the credit cards – I also won’t use mine, but it was super handy to have a decent credit rating when I bought my house, friend of mine (with a bad credit rating) applied at the same time as me and over the life of the bond I will be saving $85 000 over her – just for a decent credit rating…


5 months? Eeek. And yes, I’ve heard that about going to interviews even if I didn’t want the job… makes sense!

Wow, good job on having such a good credit rating that you’ll end up saving so much!

Credit card companies are merciless predators, so I’m glad you are credit savvy. Both of my “kids” fell victim to the credit companies’ constantly evolving tricks and traps – and for that, I hope the boy geniuses who dreamed up their schemes find a special place in hell to go with their fat bonus checks..

Good luck on your job hunt, Ari – I hope you find the right school.

Oh I definitely wouldn’t say that I’m credit savvy.. I fell into the trap a few years back and only within the last year have started sorting myself out. I definitely don’t use them anymore, that’s for sure.

And thanks!

I’m not sure if it’s different in the US, but I would consider following up after just sending a resume, to be a bit pushy, and I know that I might actually put you at the bottom of the pile. But like I said, I don’t know how it works there.
But yeh, write a good resume. Write your career goals, highlight related work, as well as bits about you. I guess that comes in handy for a career like yours, where they want to see someone who has a happy/balanced personal life… (even if you smell like bubbles).
Besides, we want you to get a good job… think SLR! 🙂
About the credit cards, stuff them. Nothing’s for free, much less if it comes from a bank! 🙂
Hope you’re having a relaxing day.

Wait what, you’d put me at the bottom of the pile? *sniffle*

Well, I bought some fancy envelopes to go with my fancy resume paper so I’m going to mail out a bunch of resumes tomorrow, as a follow up. I need a better cover letter though… sigh. Maybe I should include my teaching philosophy – I’ve been told it’s well written (my co-workers tried to steal it today).

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