testing testing 1… 2… 3…

Posted on: May 4, 2009

Today marks the beginning of the end and by that I mean… testing has arrived to kindergarten. Now while I’ll admit that our series of testing isn’t as high pressure as the state-mandated testing that begins in 3rd grade, it’s still a lot to handle.  More so for the teachers, than for the students.  Making sure the kids are on the right page, the right problem, bubbling in the answer… bubbling in only ONE answer… wow. Plus some of the questions are so long-winded and the 5 and 6 years old just do not have the attention span for it… they’re already bubbling in the (wrong) answer before I’ve finished reading the question. Heck, even I’ve lost track of what they’re being asked, and I’m the one reading it!

This week we give the multiple choice test: today we gave three sections, then there are 4 more sections left to be given through Thursday. After that, we have the test that assesses their reading skills, which is one-on-one, and therefore a lot of work. And following that, all the benchmarks for each subject. It’s exhausting.

Phew. I’m tired just thinking about it. But you know, it makes the end of the year party that much sweeter. I have an ice cream sundae party in mind – it was a big hit last year and quite frankly, I’m already looking forward to it. 😮


10 Responses to "testing testing 1… 2… 3…"

Sounds a bit serious, testing 5yo this way? Do they seriously have to fill a circle with pencil? (and pencils without erasers!? Now, that’s a horror!).
Who are they really testing!? The poor kids? Or the poor teachers?

Yup, fill in the circle. And of course, they always fill it in too darkly and then realize they need to erase it… sigh.

And honestly, I’m pretty sure they’re testing the teachers. It’s all an evil plan…

I never heard of testing for kindergarten! I can see gauging their progress, but this test seems a bit too much for 5 year olds!

Oh yes! It’s a pretty hard test too… granted most of the things they’ve learned in school… but some of the vocabulary questions are over their heads!

I was tested in kindergarten (TCAP – required in Tennessee), and that was about 15 years ago. We somehow managed to fill in the bubbles like we were supposed to.

Yeah it’s probably something that the kids *should* be able to do… but some of my kids aren’t good at following directions.

Or rather, they weren’t at the beginning of the year. They’ve improved a lot.

I abhor the testing aspect of teaching. I really admire all those teachers who do it year in and year out. Of course, I’m also a teacher (by degree), but am not actually teaching at the moment.

Yes, this year testing has been pretty much all we do, which is sad because this is kindergarten. But the new curriculum we are using led to this. Sigh. Poor kids.

And oh, I didn’t know that. Neat!

I think testing is ridiculous, especially for a 5 year old, some of them don’t have the fine motor skills to do those little circles yet.

Exactly. I mean, I understand the test we give to measure their reading knowledge (rhyming words, how to put sounds together to make a word, etc) because it’s all oral or they use magnetic letters… but standardized testing at this age… they’re so young!

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