A Trip to the Japanese Tea Gardens

Posted on: May 2, 2009

So this morning I was was wasting time, wondering what today would bring… and then suddenly I decided to make a trip downtown to the Japanese Tea Gardens. I have never been, always wanted to go… last month I had made plans to go with a friend but he’s been pretty absent lately so… I went by myself!

That doesn’t sound like much but I grew up with very protective parents, in Houston, where everywhere was dangerous, “especially for a girl”. But I went in broad daylight and was safe. And I’m so glad I went, it was seriously beautiful. It was very overcast so the sky was blown out in a lot of the pictures, but still amazing.

The picture to the left is my project 365 picture… I worked for a long time on it.  The original picture has some people that I had to remove, plus the sky was completely blown out and white.  I added in a sky, but it doesn’t look very good… oh well!  At least I tried…

The rest of the pictures are up on flickr, but here are a few of my favorite pictures:

Looks magestic, no?

The Japanese Pagoda.

So scenic

One of the ponds, surrounded by flowers and trees.

Close up

I loved these little pillar-style flower pots that were scattered around.

So that was my Saturday afternoon.  Oh and I spent some time by the pool, trying to get a bit of color, however futile that may be.   Not a bad way to spend the weekend!


6 Responses to "A Trip to the Japanese Tea Gardens"

The pictures are beautiful. I’d love to go and see the gardens.

Thanks Beth… although I’m sure you have prettier sights over there!

What a gorgeous place! We have a Japanese Garden in San Diego, and after living there for 20 years…I never went either. I’ll have to go on my next trip back I think.

Actually, I think you guys have one in Phoenix… at least that’s what a girl on twitter told me yesterday.

This is awesome girly.. wou went out on a little adventure, all on your lonesome. Perfect day, I’d say!
The bar 😉

Yes, you just need to walk me through that… say this Friday? Maybe… gulp!

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