Posted on: May 1, 2009


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So I have a bad feeling about the rest of the school year. It’s already been long and drawn out as it is but it’s slowly going downhill – this is the part of the year where the kids start dreaming about summer and forget how to behave in class. And the students aren’t the only ones dreaming about summer… the teachers have been counting down for quite a while! For the record, the countdown for my school is at 5 weeks, 24 days of classes. Plus 1 more week after that for in service.

This picture, by the way, is something I saw while I was waiting for my lunch at the cafe next door from my work. Any guesses as to what it is? Hee hee. I thought it made for quite an interesting picture… too bad it’s kind of gritty since it was taken with my camera phone.

I’m excited that the weekend is finally here. I need to clean up my apartment, and I’m hoping the weather will be nice enough to relax by the pool. I’m debating going by the Japanese Tea Gardens here in town, to take pictures. I just worry about doing those kinds of things by myself, especially since I’ve never been. :p

Btw, you guys do know that you can click on any pics in a blog post and it will take you to the flickr page right?  Just checking…


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I remember this time of year in school (although it seems ever so far away). It was always hot in my school around now too as they never turned on the A/C until the last minute and most of the windows didn’t work very well. Ugh. I don’t miss that at all.

The thought of the teachers counting down made me think of the teacher’s lounge on The Simpsons for some reason. I never thought about it when I was in school, but I guess the teachers are no different than the kids in some ways.

I went to school to be a teacher. Never finished. Weird how life takes you in odd directions sometimes.

Oh no, my school is the opposite… tragically cold all the time! My students are all confused, they think wearing sweaters in the spring is normal!

Definitely weird how life works… I did NOT go to school to be a teacher… and yet here I am…

🙂 You should definitely go to the tea garden!

Hopefully the weather will be nice! It’d be good for me to get more practice taking pictures outside, in front of people…

A whole week after the kids leave??? What do you do all that time? Sounds like torture! We are all freaking out in NYC because we have one day next year after the kids leave. We never have that! The stupid part is that the kids get out on a Friday and we have to come back for Monday. WTF?

I have NO idea what we’re going to do for that whole week. It’s pretty silly if you ask me! In the past (both at this district and the last one I worked at), we’d always have to come in for a day or two after the last day of classes… but never a full week.

And 8 weeks?! Yikes! When did you start school?

Oh, and btw, we have EIGHT weeks left!

oh and do you mind if I add you to my blogroll? I’m a 4th year teacher too. :o)

Yay! I made the blogroll.:)

Photos from the Japanese Tea Gardens sounds great! I wish we’d live close to go shoot.

Yeah it’d be nice to have someone to go shoot with! I’ll try to get the courage to go… *gulp*

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