April Mosaic

Posted on: April 30, 2009

Okay I promise – I won’t have 3 new blog posts every day. Pinky swear. But I had to post my April mosaic… especially because I’m mad I didn’t start a blog from the beginning of my project 365!

04 April Mosaic

This month was a lot different from my previous months.  January was about getting used to the idea of the project, February and March were a lot more self portraits… and April was more about getting into the details… a lot of close up shots, a lot of color.  I’m excited to see what May brings… and I’m excited that I’m now 1/3rd of the way done with project 365!


2 Responses to "April Mosaic"

I love looking at the full month of pictures. It is amazing to see how people grow as a photographer. 🙂

My fave is the b/w of you but I love the dream necklace.

Ick I hate the black and white shot of me! Plus I think the dream necklace one could’ve been better… rawr!

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